Read how our director, Emma, got on at a recent visit to Fort William, where she got to observe the latest Aquasign product ROV trials in open water.
Aquasign comes with a 60-year product guarantee, but only if you've installed it correctly. Here's what you need to know...
Here's a look at the type of standard testing you should consider when choosing the right subsea markers for your project.
There is only one Aquasign® anti-fouling marker system and it’s supplied by AQUASIGN. For many years AQUASIGN has sold the proprietary product line - Aquasign® anti-fouling markers. We hope the following statements provide clarity; Aquasign® is a registered trademark owned by AQUASIGN and no other company has been granted a right to supply Aquasign® markers with the exception of appointed agents detailed on our website.

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On time delivery is excellent. Timely delivery and proper documentation accompanies the goods. Good company with dedicated personnel.
Subsea Procurement Lead, Nigeria

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