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Chemical Etching

If you need a metal name plate for your equipment, chemical etching is our most used process for metal substrates, offering a robust, long-term identification solution.

The chemical etch process:

  1. UV light is used to dissolve a design into metal
  2. AQUASIGN prepare negative designs, and use the chemical etch equipment to expose it to UV light
  3. The plate is then passed through a chemical wash to remove the metal
  4. Coloured paints can be used to create an attractive design

The text detail you require can be chemically etched away from the surface e.g. Brass and 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, without compromising the durability of the plate.

Our experienced technicians work with industry approved materials, CAD software and innovative equipment to produce a range of quality industrial signage and certification nameplates suitable for long-term or temporary requirements, surface to seabed.

Practical Information

Standard lead time is 10 working days.

For an accurate estimate and design consultation, contact us to discuss your project requirements.


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