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Our unique anti-fouling system combines a hydrophobic silicone surface and a non-toxic proprietary oil designed to prevent marine growth from adhering to the marker.

The oil is released from an internal reservoir over time, ensuring that the marker continues to work effectively even if the marker’s surface develops imperfections over time. Aquasign’s anti-fouling system is guaranteed for 60 years.

The dyes used in Aquasign subsea ID markers have been developed and tested to ensure that they do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight, even in the hottest climes. Our markers have been shown – in test conditions – to remain stable after 5000+ hours of UV exposure, which should accommodate projects with even the longest transit and operation times.

Find out more about our UV-stable Aquasign Solis® range of identification markers, including details on the cost savings they represent and the testing they’ve undergone.

Aquasign has been installed on more than 800 projects worldwide, in a huge range of climates and water depths. Our subsea marker systems have been installed on assets in:

  • The North Sea
  • Australia
  • The Gulf of Mexico
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • West Africa
  • Canada
  • Russia

At AQUASIGN, we invest in continuous research, development and testing. Our subsea markers are guaranteed to stay in place and stay visible for 60 years, no matter where in the world they’re installed. If you’d like to talk to us about using Aquasign in your particular region, please contact us here.


We don’t recommend you use your own adhesives to attach Aquasign markers to your asset.

Our adhesives have been developed and tested to ensure they perform properly and remain compliant with all relevant legislation. All of our adhesive and fixing solutions are guaranteed to remain in place for 60 years in any marine environment, giving you the reassurance you need.

Please note: if you do choose to use your own adhesive to install Aquasign, our 60-year performance guarantee will not apply. 

Find out more about our high-performance, non-toxic adhesives in our download area.

There are a number of reasons Aquasign subsea markers need to be sealed with our Biohesive sealing bead:

  • To create a watertight seal around your Aquasign
  • To protect against environmental contamination
  • To validate your 60-year performance guarantee


A watertight seal around your Aquasign helps to protect the integrity of the marker, and to ensure it remains in place for the guaranteed 60 years.


Without the Biohesive sealing bead, your performance guarantee isn’t valid, so make sure you and your installers carry out this important second step.

Sign in to our Downloads Area for text and video guides on how to use our Biohesive sealing bead.

Yes, Aquasign can be installed post-deployment, including on deepwater applications.

Because ROVs aren’t the most dextrous of installation engineers, retrofitted Aquasigns can’t be installed using our standard KISS method. Instead, we’ll work with you to devise an installation method that works to your exact specification.

This could be a rare earth magnet coupled with our polycarbonate shield. Alternatively, we can supply spring clips and other mechanical fixing options. All our fixings are suited to use in deep water.

Oilfield Signage

Aquaplate is a term given to a waterjet cut nameplate.  Generally this is coated in an anti-fouling paint scheme.  Read more here.

A DWG or DFX file means we can transfer straight into our software and cut to your specific requirements.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this available we also offer a design service.  Contact us for more details

Currently we only provide the RFID or QR codes themselves.  We do not supply the required readers or supporting software.  We offer the benefit or encapsulating the RFID or producing the codes using robust materials and fixings designed specifically for the industry.


Our head office is based in Aberdeen and our manufacturing facility in Blackburn, Lancashire.  

We would love to hear from you on +44 (0) 1224 897060 or email us on solutions@aquasign.com

We operate a fully integrated QHSSE Management system across both our sites.  All of our processes and systems are certified to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001. Contact us for copies of our certificates. 

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