TESTED, ACCREDITED, TRUSTED: Aquasign is the only subsea signage proven to prevent marine growth build-up

Non-toxic, smart silicone markers guaranteed to stay in place for 60 years.


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How we can help You?

When you operate in a safety critical environment, signage can’t be a second thought.

We’ll help you create the perfect signage for your project.

You’ll get high quality materials, tailored to your exact requirements, and all the friendly, expert advice you’d expect from a world-renowned brand.

Our subsea marker systems, adhesives and fixings are designed and rigorously tested to make sure they’re:

  • High performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally sustainable

It’s our business to help keep you, your people and your assets safe.

What is Aquasign?

Why do I need Aquasign?

How do I install Aquasign markers?

Can I attach Aquasign underwater?

Customer Comments

"I really appreciate the effort you make and improving the due date, it is alwyas a pleasure dealing with Aquasign"

Subsea Procurement Manager, Aberdeen

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The world’s only guaranteed anti-fouling subsea signage


Secure, high-visibility subsea signage that exceeds safety standards


100% non-toxic technology for rapid environmental approval


Trusted with the safety of over 1,000 projects worldwide

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