CNC Milling

CNC Milling

When working in an offshore environment, signage needs can be robust and often unique per piece of equipment. AQUASIGN can provide bespoke signage to house detailed information.

Milling is typically used after waterjet to remove material from the surface to add detail to metals and plastics.

The Miller utilises blades in rotary motion to create designs, ideal for precision features, and different designs can be achieved depend on the cutter sizes.

The machine can mill metals and plastics of thicknesses up to 200mm. The bed size is 1020x500mm.

AQUASIGN use milling in other productions such as Retrofit subsea markers to carve clips and handles into metals and plastics.

Frequently Asked Questions

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.  CNC milling is a machine process that uses computer controlled rotating cutting tools to remove required material to produce a specific design.

A waterjet can be used as a milling tool.  This would work similar to the CNC miller on the basis a controlled depth application can be used to ensure the jet doe not pass through the substrate.  Typically however we use our waterjet for cutting through material and our miller for removing material.

Almost any material – most common materials we work with are steels and plastics.  We do have a variety of manufacturing techniques and materials, contact us to discuss what option is best for your project

A DWG or DFX file means we can transfer straight into our software and cut to your specific requirements.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this available we also offer a design service. Contact us for more details. 

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