Oilfield Signage: Types and Materials

In addition to our unique anti-fouling marker range, our industry experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of industrial custom signage.

Over the years we have worked with companies that need a mixture of long lasting and short term signage, for both topside and subsea applications. As a trusted supplier for asset identification to oil and gas industry, we have developed a range of signage types, ensuring correct material selection and designs specific to customer needs.

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We offer hard-wearing quality signs and labels available in a variety of materials: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Mild steel
  • Super Duplex
  • Laminates
  • Polycarbonate
  • Vinyls

Using the very latest CAD technology during the design and approval stage, the following processes are then used to manufacture our industrial signage solutions include:

  • Specialist precision Waterjet cutting
  • CNC milling
  • Chemical Etching
  • Rotary Engraving
  • Screen Printing

These signs are suitable for temporary subsea requirements and long term topside use.

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Sign Types and Methods


  1. Identification

Precision waterjet, cut-out or milled letter signs and ROV panels supersede traditional flame-cut metals that could tarnish or warp materials.

Suitable for both topside and subsea applications, the Aquaplate offers design flexibility including the size, orientation, shape, surface treatment and fixing method required such as bolting, adhesive or welding.

  1. Certification

Asset identification labels, equipment tags, certification nameplates, control panel fronts, part marking decals, vinyl lettering, dials and data plates…we could go on, but these are all examples of certification plate design.

Certification and tracking of equipment within the oil and gas industry is essential.  Key data relating to manufacture such as batch numbers and testing requirements are often captured, and its important that the correct materials and marking methods are used so this information is readily available through the assists lifespan.

  1. Safety

Health and safety is the first consideration in any oilfield operation. Signs, posters, instruction notices, warning decals, danger labels and site safety boards are commonly used to ensure safe working environments.

Several hazards (electrical, pressure and toxicity) exist in the daily tasks of personnel, and signage in line with the  Health and Safety (Signals and Sings Regulations) covering areas such as colour and shape, need to be adhered to.

The signs can be printed on most substrates, including vinyl, laminates, PVC, steel or aluminium dependant on the application.

The purpose of signage in the oilfield is to provide clear and concise instructions and information, as well process and product identification to an industry where health and safety is critical. Whether you require hazard or equipment signage, our experience in both topside and subsea projects allow us to manufacture signage to ensure you comply with regulations.

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