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News Category: Oilfield Signage

What’s The Best Signage Solution For Your Subsea Equipment?

23 August 2018 – No Comments

Clear long-term identification of subsea equipment is essential to aid diver and ROV programs whether these be scheduled maintenance and inspection or further exploration or hook-up projects. Being able to identify specific equipment, locations and status enhances safety by ensuring the information provided at surface from historical data etc. is correct before any intervention work

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Chemical Etching Does More Than Scratch The Surface

28 February 2018 – No Comments

Chemical or ‘photo’ etching is a manufacturing process that permanently removes text or characters into a surface with depths ranging from 0.1mm to 0.5mm. Many industries use this method to create intricate designs and parts: the text can either be indented or protruding above a material’s surface, and is normally filled with paint to ensure

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Oilfield Signage: Types and Materials

16 January 2018 – No Comments

In addition to our unique anti-fouling marker range, our industry experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of industrial custom signage. Over the years we have worked with companies that need a mixture of long lasting and short term signage, for both topside and subsea applications. As a trusted supplier

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The Need for Oilfield Signage

13 December 2017 – No Comments

The purpose of oilfield signage is to provide clear and concise instructions, information as well process and product identification to an industry where health and safety is critical. Signage may be seen to some as an add on or afterthought. Even in everyday life you may see a tired looking ‘no parking’ sign written in

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10 Reasons Why Biohesive 225® Is The Ideal Offshore Adhesive

8 November 2017 – 2 Comments

When it comes to selecting an appropriate adhesive, it can often become a difficult decision-making process. Finding an adhesive which is proven to perform long-term, in harsh salt laden offshore and subsea environments might be the first in your list of ideals. You might need an adhesive to go the extra mile and perform on

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11 October 2014 – No Comments

Aquaplates are our range of precision water-cut signage, superseding traditional flame-cut solutions! The range is suitable for both topside and underwater applications, bespoke manufactured in-house to meet individual project requirements.

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