Registered Design

Aquasign® subsea markers’ standard specification has successfully been registered in accordance with the Registered Designs Act 1949.

There are no equivalents to our Aquasign® subsea marking solution, therefore our Registered Design allows our customers to feel confident that they receive a quality, fit for purpose product, in accordance with their project specification.

Our standard specification is 3mm Solis KISS. 

Colour Stability

Aquasign underwater identification markers are available in wide range of colours.  Colours are often used to categories specific equipment or hazards but when text is used the contrast between the colours is the key and yellow and black is deemed the strongest. 

Aquasign-Solis is our UV stable range.  Whilst also available in a fluorescent version this must be protected from sunlight before being submerged.

Our Solis range has been 3rd party tested in both European and Asia climates meaning it is guaranteed for 3 years exposure

Shapes and Sizes

Aquasign’s registered design incorporates curved corners for ease of installation however due to digital cutting technologies the possibilities are endless.

The moulding process allows us to produce single pieces of 2450 x 800mm however these can be combined for larger assemblies.

The overall size of markings are often driven by specified text heights.  These can be bespoke to your project requirements however typical specifications are;


Platform Jacket


Tree – Orientation

Tree – Valve / Dial

Character Size






ShieldTM is our patented protection frames. Aquasign is a silicone based material and in areas of high intervention or where additional protection is needed the markers are encased within polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is utilized to provide an extremely tough and durable solution, offering protection from accidental ROV, diver or jet washing damage. The frame design has been independently pressure tested to 700Bar (10150psi) without any noticeable deterioration.

Frequently Asked Questions

While our largest mould measures 1 x 2.5m, this isn’t the maximum size Aquasign we can produce. Why? Because multiple pieces can be pre-bond to a backing panel. 

So really, there’s no limit to the sizes of subsea markers we can produce. As long as you can ship it, we can make it for you!

Historically Aquasign was manufacted using fluorescent pigments which would fade when exposed to direct sunlight.  Protective covers would need to remain in place until just before they were deployed subsea.

However our standard Solis range now uses UV stable pigments that have tested to ensure that they do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight, even in the hottest climes.

Yes, although yellow background with black text is standard for subsea marking, we can produce Aquasign in a wide variety of colours

Colouring banding can be used when there is a limited area for text.

We can also include multiple colours on a single Aquasign, so you don’t need to order and affix individual markers.

A lot of project specifications will specify fluorescent subsea signage markers. Why? Because that’s historic specification. 

Our UV stable markers offer the same excellent visibility subsea without the hassle of protecting them prior to deployment.

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