UV Stable Subsea Markers

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of having environmentally friendly, anti-fouling, subsea markers that ensure the long term identification of subsea assets.  In this article we discuss how AQUASIGN ensure that the colour contrast of our subsea markers remain highly visible throughout the lifespan of the project.

Aquasign® markers are highly visible and exceed BS EN ISO 13628:1999 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries, Design and Operation of Subsea Systems standards, contact us to find out  more and obtain our subsea marking specification guidelines.


Research and Development  

Historically, Aquasign® subsea markers were manufactured using fluorescent dyes to create the desired visibility.  The fluorescent dyes used in our  Altus™ range were stable in water but were found to fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Although the anti-fouling properties of the underwater label would remain the same, visibility subsea would be less effective.  Protective covers would therefore be installed over the marker during installation and would need to remain in place until the structure was deployed.

AQUASIGN undertook research and development to find a solution that would solve these problems.  After a successful period of testing Solis® was introduced, a range that utilises Signal Yellow dyes in place of the original fluorescent ones.  Details of this R&D program as well as copy reports are available from the client portal area of our website – register now for instant access.


Solis® Range

Tests performed by Aberdeen University, Oceanlab, showed that even at water depths of 400 metres/1300 feet there was no discernible difference in visibility between Solis® (signal yellow) and the original Altus™ (fluorescent yellow) Aquasign® markers. Importantly, further external weathering tests confirmed the Solis® range does not fade when exposed to UV rays. Based on the success of these tests AQUASIGN introduced Solis® as our standard colour specification for our unique underwater markers.

The images below illustrate that after 5,000 hours of outdoor exposure; the equivalent to approximately 3.5 years; there was no discernible deterioration in colour to the Solis® marker. Yet significant fading occurred immediately to the florescent specification with all of the pigmentation gone within 800 hrs.


Performance Guarantee

Our Solis® range is also included in our Aquasign® Performance Guarantee, with a four-year warranty for European projects from date of delivery. The guarantee states that the colourants will not fade in direct sunlight exposure.

Further information about Weathering and Visibility testing is available from our Knowledge Hub and our Client Portal features testing reports and  technical papers – click here to register for our client portal and access all of the information on our UV-Stable subsea marker range.

To speak to our team about our range of subsea markers please contact us.

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