Four good reasons to include asset identification on your project

Four good reasons to include asset identification on your project

High-performance asset identification markers… A necessary piece of kit for every subsea asset or a waste of money?

In this article, we’ll outline the 4 most important reasons to include asset identification as a central part of your project.

Why is asset identification so important in subsea environments?

Let’s start off with the general reasons for making sure that your assets are clearly marked up.

No matter what your asset is, or how you choose to mark key identification points, here are the four main points in favour of asset ID:


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  1. Risk reduction

  • Why do we carry out inspections on equipment in subsea environments? For safety reasons – to make sure everything is working as it should, in the condition that it should. Clearly identifying key identification points reduces the risk of missing problems.
  1. Time-saving

  • Subsea inspections and maintenance are time-consuming operations. Using subsea markers on your assets helps divers and ROVs locate inspection points quickly, identify equipment, guard against hazards, and retroactively identify inspection and testing points.
  1. Cost reduction

  • All those time-saving points above? Let’s add money into the mix. The less time your divers and ROVs have to spend under the water, the less you have to spend. And the fewer mistakes they make, and the fewer queries they have, the more cost-effective your inspections and maintenance will be over the long term.
  1. Legal compliance

  • Asset inspection and maintenance can be a risky business, so it’s best to do everything in your power to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Attaching high-performance subsea markers to your assets before deployment covers you in case of any mishaps and shows a duty of care towards staff carrying out inspections and maintenance.

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Why Aquasign is the right choice for your subsea assets

To us, it’s kind of a no-brainer: if you’re choosing to identify key points on your subsea assets with an ID marker, it’s best to choose one that does the job properly.

Aquasign, with its 60-year performance guarantee, delivers everything your project needs from a subsea identification marker:

  • High visibility

  • Aquasign is manufactured using high visibility dyes that are clearly visible underwater and are resistant to fading, even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Anti-fouling performance

  • Guaranteed to remain visible for 60 years, Aquasign’s smart silicone inhibits marine growth and performs as you need it to for the lifespan of your project.
  • Flexible design

  • We can customise Aquasign to your exact project specifications, tailoring the markers to your individual requirements and working with you to overcome any challenges.
  • Durable enough for ultra-deep marine environments

  • Tested in ultra-deepwater, our hard-wearing Aquasign markers have been proven to perform perfectly no matter how deep your asset is.
  • Fixings for every kind of asset

  • In addition to our super simple, high-performance self-adhesive KISS system, we offer a range of fixings suited to flat, round, uneven and grid surfaces.
  • Product quality guaranteed

  • Aquasign is guaranteed to remain visible on your asset for 60 years. In fact, Aquasign’s been proven to outperform other subsea markers by miles. Take a look at our comparison document.
  • Product fixing guaranteed

  • What’s the use of a highly visible subsea identification marker if it doesn’t stay stuck to your asset? Luckily for our customers, our fixings are also guaranteed for 60 years. Take a look at the AQUASIGN Technical Overview for more information.

Are asset ID markers really needed? What about GPS?

To stay legally compliant, you need to make sure that key inspection and hazard points on your subsea assets are clearly identified.

But some project leads are relying on GPS technology to identify inspection points. And yes, GPS technology is great. When it’s all working properly, it’ll get your diver or ROV to the right place, ready for inspection.

But what about when it doesn’t work properly? There’s a lot more that can go wrong with a GPS system than with an Aquasign, especially when it’s covered by a 60-year guarantee!

Keep your assets covered!

The oil and gas industry is notoriously risk-averse – and with good reason.

Subsea inspections and maintenance involve some seriously complex tasks that need specialist knowledge, expertise and equipment. They’re risky, and it costs time and money to do them properly.

GPS technology has come on in leaps and bounds since we started out in this business, but it’s a long way from being fool-proof. High-performance identification markers are your insurance policy against costly and dangerous mistakes.

Why not contact us to discuss the option of combining both technologies and encasing trackers within our anti-fouling technologies.


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