Mechanical Fixings

Mechanical Fixings

Whilst our standard fixing KISS offers many benefits …. For some applications this is not an option.  This may be down to the substrate or simply project or operator preference – in these cases we have a range of mechanical options.

These can be combined with our robust ShieldTM polycarbonate frames for additional protection and or our self-adhesive fixings for a belt and braces approach.

Whatever your application we will have a fixing solution to suit your needs.

KISS-Bolted Aquasign® provides the best of both worlds – adhesive backing with the additional belt and braces approach of incorporating supporting bolted or screwed fixings.

This option means the flexibility of our silicone markers are maintained, making them suitable for all applications including tubulars. 

Need a rigid solution ….


Aquasign strapped range allows the subsea markers to be applied to tubulars and cylindrical sections such as steel jackets, risers, umbilicals, power cables and jumpers with ease and avoiding any clamping requirements during curing times.


Your surface does not need to be flat or smooth.  Our signage materials can even be applied to grated surfaces.  

Steel or GRP grating is commonly used on application such as manifold roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Approx. 10 days.  The lead time is longer than standard adhesive items but improvements are possible if needed.

This will vary depending on your specific fittings and application.  Bolted items are usually this is just by hand, no special tool/torque requirement.  However tensioning guns are provided with strapped markers

All for our fixings are designed for ease and speed.  Download our fully illustrated installation guide for full details.

Both our adhesive and mechanical fixings have undergone vibration and slam loading testing to replicate the forces expected during offshore installation and tidal impacts.

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