We need a bolt-on sign, can AQUASIGN help?

Is Aquasign suitable for use as a bolt-on sign? 🤔

We know every project we come across is different. And a single project might need markers for a varied array of components – from pipes and risers to valves and control modules.

Customers sometimes ask if we can supply bolt-on signs. So here’s what you need to know.

Why you might think you need a bolt-on sign…

There’s something reassuringly solid about a bolt, particularly when you’re sinking an asset a few thousand feet underwater.

After all, it’s not like you can just pop down there and adjust a loose marker once it’s taken the plunge.

But are bolt-on signs really necessary?


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Give us a KISS 💋

Aquasign standard specification comes with our KISS adhesive solution.

It’s as simple as possible: just peel the protective backing off your Aquasign, apply the marker to your asset, then use Biohesive 225 to seal the edges and finish the job.

It might not seem as sturdy as a solid bolt, but Aquasigns applied with KISS are guaranteed to stay in place for 60 years when installed correctly.

And of course, we’ve had our subsea adhesive and markers rigorously tested by independent parties. The results of those tests are all available to view in our Downloads Centre, along with a range of technical reports.

The KISS installation method is perfectly suited to most applications.

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Why you might actually need a bolt-on sign…

Adaptable though it is, our KISS adhesive isn’t suited for use on some substrates, including stainless and uncoated steel.

We do offer other adhesive solutions, but you may decide a bolt-on sign is the best option for your project.

Not sure if you can use an adhesive solution? Check out our adhesive substrates guide for full details.

Our bolt-on subsea markers

If you’re dead set on a bolt-on sign, we’ve got a couple of specifications for you to choose from: flexible and rigid.

Flexible bolt-on signs

This is our standard Aquasign with KISS adhesive backing.

In addition to the KISS adhesive, we’ll supply the marker with custom bolt holes, and nylon washers to protect the marker’s anti-fouling surface.

Installation is simple. Instead of PEEL, STICK, SEAL, it’s PEEL, STICK, SEAL, BOLT.

You’ll find a range of text and video installation guides in our Downloads Area.

Rigid bolt-on signs

If you can’t use our KISS adhesive solution on your project, we’re happy to provide markers that are pre-bonded to a rigid backing plate.

Backing plates for our rigid bolt-on signs are available in:

  • Industrial nylon
  • Stainless steel
  • ABS (high strength polymer)

Our standard specification Aquasign markers (with KISS backing) can be available in as little as two days.

Mechanical fixings may take up to 20 days but we’ll always do our best to get you the products you need in line with your deadlines.

Contact a member of the team to discuss your individual requirements, or to find out more about our bolt-on signage options.

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