Strapped Fixings


For this flexible underwater marking solution; the Aquasign® marker is supplied pre-bonded to PVC/TPU backing panels.  This is a tough, flexible construction that can be affixed to structures using either a banding or cable-tied system 

Our verified Q-band strapping and banding systems are designed for heavy-duty subsea use, having shown excellent chemical and temperature resistance with lifetime expectancy that matches Aquasign® marker’s product guarantees.

Aquasign® panels can also be supplied as double or triple assemblies, if the application requires multiple identification points. 

Rigid tag options are able available.  More commonly used on smaller tubulars where space is limited.  Shield polycarbonate tags encase the marking material and cable-ties are used to securely attach.

Frequently Asked Questions

All for our fixings are designed for ease and speed.  Download our fully illustrated installation guide for full details.

Stand-off bridges are used to allow free flow of water behind the marker assembly to prevent corrosion.  However the Q-band system ensures the strapping is tightly secured so this is not always necessary.

No, designs are bespoke to you suit your project needs.  Multiple Aquasign panels can be attached to larger backing panels.  For small tubulars it may be more appropriate to cable tie or use tags.

We design the strapped assembly to suit your application.  Typically banding slots are prepared at 200m spacings. Banding lengths are suggested at twice the diameter of the tubular.

All accessories allocations are recommended by us within our quotations.

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