Retrofit is a term used to affix our subsea signage materials underwater, i.e. once the equipment has already been deployed subsea.

There may be a requirement to correct an error or add new inspection identification points to existing hardware.

Retrofit is certainly more challenging than the traditional onshore applications however we have designed a range of solutions suitable for both diver and / or ROV installation.


This is be far the quickest and easiest to use of our retrofit solutions.  

Suitable for both diver and ROV applications and fully customisable to suit your specific project needs.

Using rare earth magnets with significant holding forces this is considered a permanent retrofit solution

Spring Clip

Our custom Spring clip fittings allow you to install Aquasign on tubular assets, such as pipelines, risers and umbilicals. 

ID markers can be needed to highlight problem areas or identify a specific areas for intervention or maintenance

Simply push the spring clip over the section. We’ve added a Neoprene rubber liner to prevent slippage, and every spring clip is manufactured to your specific circumference to ensure a perfect fit.


In addition to our Magnet and Spring Clip retrofit solutions available, our high-performance structural adhesive Aquahesive™ 5836 can also be used for underwater applications.

This is not suitable for deepwater ROV applications however ideal for shallow water diver installation or repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Aquasign can be installed post-deployment, including on deepwater applications. 

Because ROVs aren’t the most dextrous of installation engineers, retrofitted Aquasigns can’t be installed using our standard KISS method. Instead, we’ll work with you to devise an installation method that works to your exact specification. 

This could be a rare earth magnet coupled with our polycarbonate shield. Alternatively, we can supply spring clips and other mechanical fixing options. All our fixings are suited to use in deep water.

There are a couple of options, you can mix the material and apply to the substrate on the surface and then lower the material into position.  Alternatively the diver can take the pot underwater and apply straight onto the substrate.  

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There can be many reasons for this, the most common is to replace an incorrect or missing marking on key items of equipment.  

Another may be to identify a specific area for testing or monitoring.  

We have both permanent and removable retrofit solutions to suit every project. 

Typical lead time would be 10 days, however retrofit applications can often be very urgent so we will always do our best to meet your project needs.

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