Can Aquasign be applied and fixed underwater?

Can I apply and fix an Aquasign underwater?

You might have noticed that we recommend installing Aquasign pre-deployment: it’s the easiest, driest way to do things. But what happens if your asset’s already subsea?

Can you still install Aquasign? And what happens if you need to fix it underwater? Fear not – we’ve got the answers.

Can you install an Aquasign underwater? 🌊

The short answer? Yes, Aquasign can be applied underwater.

It’s obviously not quite as simple as doing the same job topside, but that’s not to say you should write us off if your asset’s already in place.


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Why you might need to retrofit Aquasign

It’s perfectly possible to install Aquasign post-deployment, but it’s not that common. Why? Because it’s always cheaper and easier to install markers topside.

A few reasons you might need to retrofit our anti-fouling ID markers:

  • To replace damaged or wrongly installed markers, e.g. valve ID or manifold roof markers
  • To install markers that were omitted by mistake
  • To identify specific inspection points on subsea equipment
  • To introduce target references or marks to aid underwater scanning

How do you install an Aquasign underwater?

It all depends on the water depth.

For shallow water projects, your nearest friendly diver should be able to handle things. In deeper water, you’ll obviously need either a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to get the job done.

💰Sounds expensive…

We don’t like spending money when we don’t have to, either.

We know that time is money, particularly in the case of divers and ROVs. We also know that ROVs aren’t the best at tricky jobs that require precision movement.

That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make Aquasign fixings as easy to install underwater as possible.



Aquasign subsea fixing solutions

If you’re thinking about installing Aquasign on an already deployed asset, we’ve got a number of fixing solutions to make life easier (and cheaper).

For subsea installation, we supply Aquasign encased in our customised protective polycarbonate Shield™ frames. These can be attached to your asset quickly and simply by ROV/AUV using:

  • Rare-Earth magnet, ideal for flat surfaces, has a holding force in excess of 100 lbs
  • Spring clip, ideal for installation on pipelines, umbilicals, flowlines and risers. Can be combined with our magnet fixing for optimum security.

For retrofits carried out by divers, we can also supply Aquahesive 5836, a high-performance, non-toxic underwater adhesive. Simply mix topside, then lower to the site and apply using the spatula provided.

AQUASIGN’s custom solutions

Aquasign is designed to be installed topside, and we have a range of standard fittings for that purpose. But, there will always be customers who need to apply Aquasign to their assets post-deployment.

If you’re one of them, we’ll supply you with a robust and easy-to-use fitting solution that’s customised to your exact requirements.

We have a range of fittings that are designed for a retrofit but there’s no one one-type-fits-all solution here. So when we say we offer bespoke solutions, we mean it!


We’re currently underway with some serious R&D in a bid to standardise our retrofit range of Aquasign subsea markers.

This is where we need your help. Our aim is to create a subsea marker that’s as cheap and easy as possible to install and fix underwater, whether manually, by a diver, or by ROV/AUV.

We’d love to get your feedback about the challenges you face with subsea marker installation, and the key attributes you’d like to see included in our standard retrofit Aquasign markers.


Contact us here to share your experiences or find out more about retrofit Aquasign.


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