WaterJet Cutting

Waterjet equipment can cut a wide variety of materials using very high-pressure jets of water. The machine is suitable for almost any substrate…. metals, plastics & rubbers. 

AQUASIGN can cut substrates up to 150mm thick and 1300x1300mm.

We stock the best quality materials such carbon and stainless steels and exterior plastics to ensure quick turnarounds to meet your project needs.

Benefits of Waterjet cutting:

  • Cuts materials faster, more precisely and without taper
  • Compared to flame cutting, waterjet cutting does not tarnish metal surfaces
  • Reduced cutting width and excess meaning less material wastage
  • High outputs per job using dual cutting systems and multilayer cutting

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical lead times are 3 days for cutting.  Specialised coating times will apply if appropriate.

Generally, no.  This is due to the multi layer coating scheme required to offer anti-fouling protection.  Whilst the steel itself may be cheaper this additional process makes this option more expensive.  Learn more in our comparison document.

Aquaplate is a term given to a waterjet cut nameplate.  Generally this is coated in an anti-fouling paint scheme.  Read more here

A DWG or DFX file means we can transfer straight into our software and cut to your specific requirements.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this available we also offer a design service. Contact us for more details. 

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