AQUASIGN has worked closely with a number of leading Oilfield RFID / Bar code manufacturers to ensure our product ranges can support these technologies. The benefits of utilising these technologies are:

  • Increase safety
  • Reduce human error
  • Automate inventory
  • Enhance inspection records

Bar codes, QR Codes can be produced using various materials and manufacturing processes.  Get in touch to discussion your project so we can recommend what would work best for your project.

RFID chips can either be integrated into the Aquasign® marker or it’s fixing accessories e.g. ShieldTM

We recognise that each customer will select the electronic identification and tracking solution that is most appropriate for their business systems.  However both options are fit for purpose and have been tested to ensure that there is no signal interference to readers. Our products have been pressure tested to 10,000 psi with no damage to either the Aquasign® or its accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and the key benefit to this is that the Aquasign material will prevent marine growth build up – ensuring that the code can be read with ease throughout the project life span.

Currently we only provide the RFID or QR codes themselves.  We do not supply the required readers or supporting software.  We offer the benefit or encapsulating the RFID or producing the codes using robust materials and fixings designed specifically for the industry.

There are many application for RFID in the oil and gas industry – read more here.  The current issue with progressing the use of this subsea is the ability of the readers. 

Many software packaged utilise open design codes so not to restrict themselves.  We can offer these as part of our design service. Alternatively if you are working with a closed design library simply share this with us and we will produce you codes in the most suitable material.

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