About Aquasign®

Aquasign® is the world’s only guaranteed anti-fouling subsea signage.

These smart silicone markers contain a unique non-toxic oil that’s released gradually, preventing marine growth and keeping them visible for a guaranteed 60 years.

Innovative, cost-effective, and 100% non-toxic, Aquasign underwater markers are trusted by operators all over the world.

The Aquasign Guarantee

Every Aquasign® marker is guaranteed to stay in place, and stay visible, for 60 years.

Our high visibility signage doesn’t fade, even during prolonged exposure to direct sunlight — we offer advanced UV-stability as standard.

And unlike other subsea markers, Aquasign® needs no cleaning or maintenance. Once it’s in place, that’s it: 60 years of enhanced safety, guaranteed.

Typical Applications

Aquasign subsea markers are used to provide clear, long term signage for three main functions;

  • Orientation
  • Identification
  • Positioning


The flexibility in design and extensive fixing range means Aquasign can be used on every type of subsea equipment from the smallest hoses and valves to platform leg and vessel hulls.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique anti-fouling system combines a hydrophobic silicone surface and a non-toxic proprietary oil designed to prevent marine growth from adhering to the marker. 

The oil is released from an internal reservoir over time, ensuring that the marker continues to work effectively even if the marker’s surface develops imperfections over time.

Aquasign has been installed on more than 800 projects worldwide, in a huge range of climates and water depths. 

Download a copy of our global track record

Aquasign anti-fouling markers are ideal for use on assets in shallow water. Cheaper alternatives, such as plastics and vinyl, can foul extremely quickly in shallow depths. They may even need to be cleaned before your asset’s first inspection – a costly and time-consuming operation involving a trained diver.

Yes: Aquasign subsea markers come with a guaranteed standard lifespan of 60 years. 

Our products have undergone third party testing, and are proven to perform consistently in any marine environment, providing they are installed correctly and free from serious damage.

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