Can Aquasign be used topside?

My asset is not underwater… can I still use Aquasign?

One question we get asked from time to time is this: “Aquasign is great for subsea use, but can your smart silicone signage also be used topside?”.

If you’re after a very simple answer, then yes: Aquasign’s fine for topside use. But there’s a lot more to it than that if you’re looking for the perfect asset markers.

Read on for our recommendations on topside ID markers for your project.


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🤔 So, can we use subsea signage topside?

There’s nothing to stop you using Aquasign topside……However,

Aquasign is designed for subsea use. Our smart silicone markers release a proprietary oil that prevents marine growth for 60 years.

And if there’s one thing we’ve noticed about topside…well, it’s that there’s not an awful lot of marine growth.

Or is there?

Wait… topside marine growth?

Some topside specifications are never going to need signage with anti-fouling properties.

In those cases, Aquasign’s not going to be your best bet – you’ll be paying for a whole range of benefits you don’t need.

But more on that later!

💦 The splash zone

The splash zone: that’s where Aquasign comes into its own. Aquasign anti-fouling markers are perfect for assets situated in the splash zone. Why?

  • Marine growth causes major issues in the splash zone. Aquasign stays clear of biofouling for 60 years – guaranteed.
  • Aquasign’s third-party tested UV stability makes it perfect for splash zone applications. We’ve also developed the cost-effective AQUASIGN Solis® range for extra UV-resistance.
  • Aquasign markers have undergone rigorous independent environmental and mechanical testing to make sure they can stand up to the rigours of the splash zone.

Put simply, the splash zone area is often the most hostile marine environment for your assets and their markers. There’s marine growth in abundance, constant salt spray, UV exposure, significant changes in temperature, as well as impacts of slam loading and vibration forces from the waves.

We guarantee Aquasign’s weatherability in splash zone applications for 60 years.

Non-splash zone solutions

OK, so back to topside applications…

Aquasign isn’t your ideal solution. Why? Well, it’s basically over-engineered for the job.

But, topside applications do need the durability, weatherability and visibility that we’re known for here at AQUASIGN HQ.

So what do we recommend?

Chemical etching into metals

For a long-term topside identification solution, chemical etching into a metal sign is a good bet. Doubled up with coloured paint, etching creates a robust, eye-catching marker solution that’s perfect for topside applications.

More on our chemical etching service.

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Engraved laminates

Cost-effective and durable, our engraved laminate signs use CAD and CNC machining to engrave characters into the top layer of a multi-layered sign. Your design is left clearly visible in the contrasting coloured core.

More on our engraved laminate signage.

And what about Aquasign’s adhesive fixings?

If you’re using Aquasign in a splash zone specified application, our standard KISS system is perfect. We can incorporate our self-adhesive layer to many materials, meaning you can simply stick them in position and apply the sealing bead to activate the 60-year performance guarantee.

And our other topside signage solutions? You can use our adhesives – they work just as well dry as they do wet. Or, we’ve got a range of mechanical fixing solutions, including clips, cable ties, magnets and bolts.

Subsea, splash zone or surface, we can advise you on the best fixings for your specification, whether that’s adhesive, mechanical, or a combination of the two.

Need a topside signage solution?

We’ve got a wealth of information on our topside signage solutions – just sign in to our client portal for full access to our technical reports and download library.

Or, for advice on your particular project, contact us today – we’ll do our best to help you find the right markers for your subsea and topside specifications.


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