Retrofit Adhesive

Retrofit Adhesive

Aquahesive™ 5836 is a two component polyurethane adhesive. Supplied with the curative in a ready to mix form.

AquahesiveTM 5836 has a pot life of approximately 30-60 minutes once subsea and moisture cures within 24 hours, therefore making it ideal for shallow-water Diver applications.

Our Retrofit Adhesive solution has been used on various projects in the North Sea.

The pot life and cure times however are an estimate only and can vary depending on the ambient conditions. For example, in colder water temperatures the pot life and cure time will be longer, however AquahesiveTM will provide enough adhesion to the substrate immediately after application without any concern of movement.

Research has shown Aquahesive™ to provide good adhesive strength to epoxy-coated steel, as well other steels and plastics – see our Adhesive Substrate Guide for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquahesive is a very versatile material suitable for a wide range of applications, download our substrate guide for more details. 

There are a couple of options, you can mix the material and apply to the substrate on the surface and then lower the material into position.  Alternatively the diver can take the pot underwater and apply straight onto the substrate.

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This would not be the most ideal retrofit solution for this application.  Installation would be by ROV and given the pot life limitations this is more suited to shallow water diver installs.

Our magnet or spring clip solutions would be more appropriate.

Aquahesive 5836 is supplied in 1kg kits, the typical coverage is 1sqm.  This does however depend on your application.

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