Grated Fixing


Additional fabrication work is often undertaken to incorporate flat plates suitable for housing identification markers.  This is not needed with Aquasign, our markers can be attached straight on the grated using cable ties.

This reduces fabrication time and overall weight of the assembly.

Aquasign subsea markers are supplied pre-bonded to rigid backing panels or fully encased within our patented Shield polycarbonate frames complete with slots for the cable ties.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend the use of Nylon 11 cable-ties.  We stock various thickness and lengths for applications.

This is a high intervention area so there is chance an ROV could land on the identification markers.  Our Shield fixing encases the Aquasign marker offering additional protection.

Typically, 10 days to allow the marker manufacture and bonding processes.  This is dependant on volume and current capacity.

Yes, very simple – just cut the cable-ties and re-position using new ties.

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