4 Reasons You Can Trust Aquasign Subsea Markers in the Harshest of Environments

Marine bio-fouling is the undesirable accretion of biological organisms such as bacteria, algae, plant and animal colonies on artificial surfaces immersed in sea-water. Subsea assets will be immersed in water for a considerable length of time and the amount of marine bio-fouling that takes place, is dependent on the type of waters into which the asset is placed.

Regions that are particularly hot or particularly cold will be considered harsh marine environments and in this article we discuss the top reason why Aquasign® Subsea Markers can still be trusted even these harsh environments.

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Flexible Design

Our Aquasign® Subsea Markers offer a truly flexible design where application is not restricted and material can be attached to all types of substrates whether flat, tubular even grated.  We also have a range fixing solutions for a wide range of materials from plastics to concrete; steels to GRP – we can provide a solution for every subsea project.


Track Record

Aquasign® Subsea Markers have been utilised on over 800 subsea projects worldwide and have demonstrated peak performance in both the hot and humid climates of South East Asian, and the extremely cold temperatures found in Russia and Canada.

In addition our subsea markers have been used on both shallow water where marine growth become an issues in far shorter period of time and ultra deep water where clear identification aids the work of ROV’s Aquasign Subsea Markers Guarantee

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3rd Party Endorsement

The Aquasign® Subsea Markers have been subject to rigorous 3rd party testing and qualification. During our research and development phase our markers were tested by 3rd parties against the following conditions.

  • Environmental
  • Accelerated aging
  • Weathering
  • Pressure
  • Vibration
  • Slam loading
  • Jet washing


The AQUASIGN Guarantee

We are proud of the R&D work that we have undertaken to ensure the quality of our products and because of this investment we can confidently offer a 60 year product guarantee. This guarantee ensures that your Aquasign® Subsea Markers and assets will still be visible for up to 60 years.

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