Understanding AQUASIGN’s product guarantee (the facts)

Key things to understand about the AQUASIGN product guarantee

If you know anything about AQUASIGN at all, we hope it’s this: that our anti-fouling subsea markers are guaranteed to remain visible and fixed to your asset for 60 years.

But to benefit from our 60-year performance guarantee, there’s a couple of things you need to be aware of first.

So read on to see if you’re doing everything you need to…

Our 60-year guarantee: we stake our reputation on it

AQUASIGN is a trusted name in subsea signage, and we intend to keep it that way.

We’ve tested and refined our range of anti-fouling subsea markers to work perfectly in every marine environment, outperforming other kinds of asset markers in visibility, durability and longevity.

We’re so confident in our innovative technology and durable fixings that we offer a 60-year guarantee that:

  • Aquasign will remain visible, free from marine growth
  • Aquasign will stay attached to your asset, whatever the shape or surface


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Don’t miss out on our guarantee

There are a couple of key areas in our product guarantee we want to make sure are absolutely clear – we’ve been working to eliminate any confusion for you, our customers.

  • Installing Aquasign subsea markers
  • Understanding Aquasign’s UV-resistance

Installing Aquasign subsea markers

Our products are designed for easy installation and although we offer fitting services, typically we leave this in your hands. We, therefore, have total control over the quality and performance of Aquasign until it leaves our workshop.

At that point, it’s in the hands of your installation team, so it’s important they understand exactly what’s required to comply with the AQUASIGN guarantee.

Our fixing methods are designed to be as simple as possible to follow – particularly our KISS self-adhesive method. It’s effectively a sticker.

But what’s the one crucial thing installers sometimes forget to do? Apply the KISS Biohesive 225 Sealing Bead as per the installation guide. Without it, your Aquasign isn’t guaranteed to stay put.

Find out exactly How To Install Aquasign in this article, complete with links to our downloadable Aquasign installation guides and videos.

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Understanding Aquasign’s UV-resistance

Historically, we used fluorescent dyes in our Aquasign underwater markers.

Exposed to direct sunlight, these markers would eventually fade, reducing the contrast between the yellow and black areas of the marker’s surface and making it harder to distinguish between them in low light.

This didn’t impact on the anti-fouling performance of the marker. But, it meant that protective covers needed to be installed as soon as the product was in place and these covers could only be removed just before the structures were deployed – making them easy to forget at the last minute!

Now, we’ve developed the cost-effective AQUASIGN Solis® range: guaranteed UV-resistant.

Our Solis markers come with easy-peel covers, which can be removed at any time. We recommend you keep them on the marker surface during installation to keep the surface clean.

The markers themselves are fade-proof for at least two years in direct sunlight, even in the hottest climates.

The result? You can remove the covers safely before shipping and deployment without worrying about fading.

Not sure you’re getting it right? Take these two steps…

We want you to get the best from your Aquasign every time.

That way, you get great performance and value for money, and we get to shout about our 60-year guarantee that little bit louder!

So, what can you do to make sure your project is covered by the AQUASIGN guarantee?

  1. Use AQUASIGN tools as part of your own procedures: we’ve got ITP templates, downloadable guides, videos and FAQs for you to browse.
  1. Arrange a training session: particularly worthwhile for managers of large installation teams, our in-person training sessions will help you perfect the installation of any AQUASIGN fixing method.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Just contact us directly and we’ll do our best to advise.


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