AQUASIGN: Facts, Trademarks and History

There is only one Aquasign® anti-fouling marker system and it’s supplied by AQUASIGN.

For many years AQUASIGN has sold the proprietary product line – Aquasign® anti-fouling markers.

We hope the following statements provide clarity;

  • Aquasign® is a registered trademark owned by AQUASIGN and no other company has been granted a right to supply Aquasign® markers with the exception of appointed agents detailed on our website.
  • The anti-fouling material on which Aquasign® is based was invented by Shell who filed several patents on the product.
  • AQUASIGN’s predecessor company Blacksmith a Shell joint venture company, was initially granted a license to manufacture and market Aquasign®.
  • These licenses terminated when AQUASIGN purchased the Aquasign® patents from Shell.
  • Other companies own patents in connection with either manufacturing Aquasign® type markers or the fabric backing occasionally used. AQUASIGN holds non-exclusive irrevocable licenses for both these patents.
  • Aquasign® markers are an environmentally friendly product, verified by third party tests, and to the extent that our competitor products claim to have a superior environmental performance that is not correct.
  • Aquasign® has thirty-five years of research and development with a proven subsea track record for almost thirty years. Each improved formulation has been benchmarked against its predecessor over extended submersion tests and found to be at least equal in anti-fouling performance. No other similar product can make this claim.
  • Aquasign® has been photographed many times over the years. A company can own the copyright to an Aquasign® photograph however they should make it clear that the image is actually an Aquasign®.
  • Long term anti-fouling raft test photos featured on competitors website/brochures with the numerals ‘3’ and ‘5’ are Aquasign® markers. Certain of the raw materials used to make these Aquasign® markers are no longer commercially available. Accordingly competitive marking systems cannot be made from the same materials that were used to make these markers. Independent testing was never carried out on this test board.
  • AQUASIGN has on occasions has utilized approved subcontract manufacturers to produce Aquasign® markers. No company has ever had an exclusive manufacturing contract. AQUASIGN has predominantly manufactured our marker systems in-house for many years.
  • Aquasign® can be supplied without a backing material (patent recently awarded) or with a mechanical interface such as PVC or fabric.
  • Aquasign® is the only silicone style markers that can claim to have surpassed over 20 years exposure in the North Sea.

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