AQUASIGN’s Environmental Initiatives Will Keep You ‘Green’

Being environmentally friendly is a huge part of both corporate and the modern-day consumers’ life. Eco-friendly products, sustainability and caring for the environment are advertised, featured in news stories and filter into our homes and offices in many ways such as the segregation of waste, opting for recycled paper and promoting car shares or cycling to work.

So, on top of the norm, what does AQUASIGN do to ‘stay green’? Our most environmentally friendly aspect of our business is our markers themselves. That’s right, our Aquasign® subsea markers and our fixing materials provide a 100% environmentally friendly approach to anti-fouling – something which historically used to be very environmentally ‘unfriendly’. Our markers and marker fixings are completely non-toxic the marine environment – read more methods in our blog.

Since our markers are eco-friendly, it made sense that our fixing methods were too. After all, what’s the point in using an eco-friendly marker, but attaching it to equipment with a fixing which would override this?  Biohesive®225, SHIELD, KISS®, Strapped…we could go on, but all our offshore approved, subsea fixing methods are completely non-toxic to the marine environment.

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The wonder of waste AQUASIGN Environmentally Friendly

From our products themselves , to recycling them and trying to reduce our carbon footprint, it is in our everyday business that our environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives come to the fore.

We follow the popular waste hierarchy of ‘The 3 R’s’ which follows this order of actions: reducing waste, reusing what is available and then recycling what is left. It’s important to us as a company to make sure that we limit the impact we make to the environment while we are developing eco-friendly solutions.

We define our efforts for each stage below as ways to improve AQUASIGN’s overall waste management processes and programs.

REDUCE – Waste Reduction  

Driving subsea marker design changes AQUASIGN Environmentally Friendly

It is in our company nature to strive for constant improvements on our environmental impact. Our ongoing Research and Development plus 35 years track record highlighted opportunities to the reduce the amount of materials we use to create our patented subsea markers.

The original Shell Thornton test work from the 70’s set Aquasign® marker thickness at 8mm offering 100%+ safety margin on the oil reservoir. Now our subsea markers are 3mm in thickness which is a 60% decrease in material use: the design change performs to the exact same standard and still exceeds our customers project lifespans, but uses much less material.

Read more about our robust subsea marker design and the performance guarantee that comes with them.

Documentation reduction

One of our current sustainability initiatives is to reduce the amount of paper we use. This relates to our safety data sheets (SDS) and installation guides which are supplied with our products in every delivery to ensure the end user is wearing the correct PPE and installing the product correctly.

As our customers tend to re order from us, this meant that they were receiving the same paper documentation time and time again. The products that we supply are non-hazardous, so we are not impacting the safety of our customers, but instead using another avenue for us to be more sustainable. So, what have we done to reduce our paper consumption?

Since it’s the digital age after all, we have created our very own Knowledge Hub: copies of all our resources, videos and guides are available in this online resource bank which is accessible via our website. Every first order will still come with documentation, but using this facility will reduce both AQUASIGN’s and our customers carbon footprint as users have the option to download and save resources for future use. What’s more, all it takes is a one-time registration with an email address.

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Biohesive®225 – the ultimate multi-use product

By introducing this hero underwater adhesive, Biohesive®225, AQUASIGN are caring for the environment by various means.

Biohesive®225 is very sustainable since it has a shelf life of 24 months: this is considerably longer than conventional epoxy or polyurethane adhesives. Cartridges of Biohesive® 225 can be re-used – following each application, the tip of the cartridge will automatically cure and seal the remainder of the material against atmospheric moisture. Other two-part adhesives would need to be disposed of after just one use, no matter if the entire product has been used or not, adding to landfill waste.

A purchase of Biohesive®225 has saved many oil and gas companies the cost for additional adhesives since this offshore glue doubles up as a sealant. But not only that, Biohesive®225 is compatible with the vast array of surfaces and materials that the offshore industry demands, meaning one adhesive is all that’s needed for topside and subsea applications.

Did we mention its 100% environmentally friendly? Read more benefits here.


AQUASIGN Return to Us Environmentally Friendly

Return to Us

AQUASIGN is committed to reducing our global footprint as well as helping our customers reduce theirs. To help facilitate this, we have a Return to Us Scheme: this means that we will recycle all AQUASIGN silicone markers returned to our Blackburn Lancashire UK facility, even those that have been attached subsea for the entire life of an asset.

We are committed to not sending any returned silicone to landfill, and by offering this service and many others, our company strives to change the mindset of others to become more environmentally conscious.

ISO 14001

For almost 20 years we have been accredited ISO 14001. It’s easy to see why when we document what AQUASIGN have been doing over the years. ISO 14001 is related to environmental management and exists to help us:

  • Minimise how our operations and processes negatively affect the environment: environmentally friendly subsea markers, multi-use products, reduced raw material usage and Return to Us
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements
  • Continually improve on the above and strive for constant improvements: design changes to subsea markers and working with customers order patterns

AQUASIGN’s environmental commitment has been recognised within FPAL Verify’s audit program and confirmed though the successful reaccredited under the new ISO 14001:2015 standard by ISOQAR in November with no major or minor NCR’s.

Read some of our auditor’s comments in our ISO blog.

We take the environment very seriously in everything that we do – as aforementioned, It’s important to us as a company to make sure that we limit impact we make to the environment while we are developing eco-friendly solutions.

We have a dedicated environmental testing section as part of our Client Portal where you can read figures relating to the toxicity of our products to prove how environmentally friendly they are.

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