How long will AQUASIGN Subsea Markers be Visible For?

AQUASIGN provides solutions for the identification, orientation and positioning of signage in safety critical environments.  Equipment markers can become obscured by marine bio-fouling, as a result, highly-visible underwater marking systems are essential to ensuring the quick location of equipment in subsea environments and to minimise the length of time divers spend underwater.

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Marine bio-fouling is the undesirable accretion of biological organisms such as bacteria, algae, plant and animal colonies on artificial surfaces immersed in sea-water. These biological organisms will begin to grow on substrates immediately upon submersion, so it is important that a marker is added at the beginning of the project.

Aquasign® is our anti-fouling subsea marking system, providing highly-visible identification for all types of subsea assets.  In this article we answer the question, how long will AQUASIGN subsea markers be visible for?


How long will AQUASIGN subsea markers be visible for?

Aquasign® marker systems now have a track record stretching over three decades and have a projected life span in excess of 60 years.  The chart below shows the results of the Aquasign® marker systems over a 30-year period and the projected lifespan of the markers given their current condition.

Subsea Markers Guarantee


AQUASIGN can provide evidence that our subsea markers are a field proven design, having been installed on over 800 oilfield projects worldwide over the last 30 years of business. Evidence of our track record is available to view and download from our Client Portal.


How are AQUASIGN able to achieve this?



The original Aquasign® design was created to mimic the natural technology of fish skin, incorporating proprietary oils which bleed to the subsea marker’s surface. The self-renewing oils ensure an extremely slippery surface at all times, thus preventing fouling from occurring and allowing us to offer a 60-year guarantee.


Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional anti-fouling methods that are designed to kill attaching marine life, our exuding silicone based marker’s unique technology does not use toxic biocides or metallic compounds. The proprietary oils that release from the marker’s surface are completely non-toxic, thus having no impact on the marine habitat.


Our Guarantee

Aquasign® subsea markers are the premium solution on the market today, offering a long-term performance guarantee that covers our exceptional anti-fouling technology, all while ensuring the surrounding marine life is not adversely affected.


Aquasign® subsea markers offer a 60* year guarantee to cover:

  • Anti-fouling performance throughout the structure’s design life
  • Long-term fixing security of the panels to the structure


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