How Aquasign applications are ideal for valve identification

How can Aquasign applications help with valve identification?

While subsea, divers and ROV’s require clear identification of valve they are looking at, and more importantly, the operational (‘open’ or ‘closed’) position. AQUASIGN can provide long term, highly visible signage that provides easy identification of both the valve and the position.  

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Can Aquasign be placed on any substrate?

Valves identification markings are typically applied around the valve body or stem.  For some applications, additional supporting plates are manufactured. Aquasign markers can be fixed to various surfaces:
  • coated steel
  • stainless steel
  • plastics
If surface space is limited, Aquasign tags can be used.

What does a typical marker design look like? 

The flexible nature of our Aquasign subsea markers ensures fixings over both flat and tubular applications. Whilst there are limited industry standards specific to subsea identification, typical text heights are provided below:
  • Identification (valve no.s) 50-100mm
  • Positioning (open/closed) 15-100mm

Learn about the design features of our subsea markers by visiting our design page.

“We are satisfied with the level of customer service and quality of products received. The KISS® self-adhesive markers supplied met the requirements of the project and were very easy to install. The key features most important to this project was Aquasign®’s Design Life Guarantee, UV-Stability and Pre-Qualification Testing.” Purchasing Manager – USA for the Vashishta, India  

Fixing recommendations


For installation on the surface, prior to deployment, AQUASIGN offer both adhesive and mechanical fixings to suit any application: Adhesive: KISS®*/  Mechanical: Bolted  /  Shield™ Tags using Cable Ties
*Recommendations are made on the attaching surface, visit our Knowledge Hub for our Substrate Guide for further details.


Offshore or ‘retrofit’ solutions will be dependent on project location and installation method i.e.: Diver: Magnet*  /  Subsea Adhesive,   /  Cable Tie**  / ROV: Magnet*
*Magnet use is dependent on size/space available **Cable ties for equipment already subsea can only be installed by divers
Regardless of the valve location, size and spec, AQUASIGN can provide long term, antifouling markings designed around the specification of your subsea equipment.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail,  contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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