Aquasign Applications – SURF & Pipelines

SURF & Pipelines

Subsea umbilical’s, risers and flowlines establish the vital link connecting the topside production facility to the wellheads and pumps on the seafloor extracting oil.

Type of Marker

As there can be multiple umbilical, flowlines or risers used over a project, divers and ROV’s need to be able to accurately distinguish this equipment quickly. AQUASIGN markers provide highly visible orientation and identification markers that can appear at various depths to aid either inspection or equipment hook-up.

Strapped marker assemblies can be prepared which will ensure the identifications are visible around the circumference of the tubular.

Typical Substrates

AQUASIGN design markers suitable for attachment to a variety of tubulars, whether it be coated or uncoated steel, even for proprietary outer layers used on umbilical’s.

Typical Marker Design

Text requirements will be dependent on the application, i.e. tubular outer diameter and orientation of text. Whilst there are limited industry standards specific to subsea indentification, typical text heigts are provided below:

  • Orientation & Identification 50 mm-100 mm

Learn about the design features of our subsea markers by visiting our design page.

Fixing Recommendations – ONSHORE

For installation on the surface, prior to deployment, AQUASIGN offer both adhesive and mechanical fixings to suit any application:

Adhesive: KISS* / Mechanical: Strapped / Shield Tags using Cable Ties

*Recommendations are made on the attaching surface, visit our Knowledge Hub for our Substrate Guide for further details.

Fixing Recommendations – OFFSHORE

Offshore or ‘retrofit’ solutions will be dependent on project location and installation method, i.e.:

Diver: Magnet / Subsea Adhesive  / Cable Tie**  /  ROV: Magnet*

*Magnet use is dependent on size/space available

**Cable ties for equipment already subsea can only be installed by divers

If you are unsure which fixing method is best for your equipment, you can contact us to find out the options which are best for your needs.

‘One thing that stood out about my recent service experience with AQUASIGN was the courtesy and excellent assistance received from the team. The key features most important to this project was Aquasign®’s Design Life Guarantee, Range of Fixing Methods available and the Environmentally Friendly properties of the technology’. Project Manager, Italy.


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