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Oilfield platforms are typically used to drill, extract and process oil and gas. As the hub for many ongoing subsea activities, various types and groups of equipment are associated with a platform: jackets, manifolds, diverters and wellhead connectors. In a subsea environment orientation markings are critical and identification markings clearly assist during inspection operations.

In an industry where time is money, AQUASIGN provide timely identification solutions for subsea equipment which can help increase efficiency and reduce error.

Typical Substrates

On a platform, the majority of surfaces may be tubulars. Exteriors will also vary from coated to uncoated steel as depth graduates. Concrete may also be used as an alternative to steel depending on project requirements. Aquasign have a solution for various exteriors and surface types.

Typical Marker Design

Whilst there are limited industry standards specific to subsea identification, typical text heights are provided below:

  • Orientation (name/side) 150-300mm
  • Identification (valve no.s) 50-150mm

Learn about the design features of our subsea markers by visiting our design page.

Fixing Recommendations – ONSHORE

For installation on the surface, prior to deployment, AQUASIGN offer both adhesive and mechanical fixings to suit any application:

Adhesive: KISS*/ Aquahesive / Mechanical: Strapped

*Recommendations are made on the attaching surface, visit our Knowledge Hub for our Substrate Guide for further details.

Fixing Recommendations – OFFSHORE

Offshore or ‘retrofit’ solutions will be dependent on project location and installation method i.e.:

Diver: Magnet  / Subsea Adhesive  /  Strapped  / ROV: Magnet*

*Magnet use is dependent on size/space available

Aquasign launched these offshore or ‘retrofit’ fixing options this year after being asked for a solution by a client working at the Jack St Malo project in the Gulf of Mexico:

‘We approached AQUASIGN to design a retrofit solution that could be installed by ROV to replace incorrectly installed identification markers on a manifold already subsea. AQUASIGN proposed a dual rare-earth magnet with our 3mm Aquasign-Solis markers, encased in our Shield™ polycarbonate frames.

AQUASIGN was timely and professional in facilitating my company’s need for a bespoke retrofit magnet design. Everything provided met our customer’s demand, very much appreciated.‘

Additional information is available within our exclusive Client Portal, including full details on our test programs and downloadable pre qualification reports click here to register.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail,  contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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