Is Aquasign suitable for use on offshore manifolds?

Can I use Aquasign on my offshore manifolds?

Here at AQUASIGN, we keep a close eye on the kinds of questions that bring visitors to our website. And we’ve noticed a lot of you are searching for information on signage for your offshore manifolds.

We’re always happy to give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your projects, so here’s our quick guide to the offshore manifold…


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🤔 What are offshore manifolds?

The definition of a manifold is a pipe or chamber that branches out into several openings.

In the oil and gas industry, offshore manifolds (often referred to as subsea manifolds) are installed to act as an interface between wells and production pipelines.

Manifolds help to simplify the subsea system, reducing the number of individual pipelines and risers needed, and controlling the flow of fluids.

Are there different kinds of subsea manifolds?

There are three kinds of offshore manifolds – cluster, template and pipeline end manifolds (usually known as PLEMs).

The differences between these types of manifolds are a little too complex to explain in a short blog (let us know if you want us to cover it in the future!).

What’s important to know is that each of these offshore manifold types features a complex range of components, and each one requires clear, reliable subsea signage.

Challenges for offshore manifold signage

When you think of a subsea marker, you probably think of something flat and square. Which is great when you’ve got a large flat surface.

But a manifold is a collection of pipes, valves, pigging loops, and all kinds of other components – most of which are curved or uneven.

Manifold roofs are often grated surfaces which you may think would pose a problem.

You need subsea signage that’s going to stay visible and stay put – no matter what the surface.

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Is Aquasign suitable for use on your subsea manifold?

You know what we’re going to say, right? No need for a spoiler alert here: Aquasign is 100% suited for use on your offshore manifold.

Why? Well, our anti-fouling markers have a lot going for them:

👀 Guaranteed visibility

All our subsea markers are guaranteed to remain free of bio-fouling for up to 60 years.

Guaranteed sticking power

Use an approved AQUASIGN adhesive or installation method on your offshore manifold and we guarantee it’ll stay put for those 60 years.

Custom installation methods

We’ve got a range of installation methods – adhesive and mechanical – that can be combined or used alone for exceptional results, whatever surface they’re attached to.


Our markers are free from toxic substances and biocides, helping you to stay on the right side of local environmental legislation. It’s also handy if you need signage on a deadline – our markers can be transported by air freight.

✅ Installation recommendations

We always recommend you install Aquasign before deploying your asset. It’s a lot simpler, and a lot drier.

The adhesive/installation method we recommend depends on the type of substrate you’re attaching the marker to:


Coated steel: KISS subsea adhesive
Uncoated steel: Aquahesive
Tubulars: KISS subsea adhesive


Coated steel: bolted
Tubulars: strapped
Grated surface: Shield

Retrofit recommendations

With the best will in the world, sometimes markers need to be installed offshore. We’ve created a range of installation solutions to make your life as simple as possible:

  • Installation by diver: magnet, subsea adhesive, Aquasign Shield, spring clip (tubulars only).
  • Installation by ROV: magnet, spring clip (tubulars only).

We always recommend you log in to our Knowledge Hub for further information on all our installation methods.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly for advice tailored to your project.

Offshore manifold signage: we’ve got you covered

In the oil and gas industry, safety is paramount.

Aquasign subsea markers deliver everything your offshore manifold system needs:

  • High visibility
  • Sticking power
  • Non-toxicity
  • Flexibility
  • Easy installation
  • Durability

There’s no need to clean or replace Aquasign once it’s installed, so you can expect not just great results but exceptional value over the duration of your project.

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