How long does Aquasign take to make and deliver?

If you’re not familiar with Aquasign, one of the things that might put you off purchasing our anti-fouling subsea markers may be the idea that you’re going to need to order it way in advance of your project.

Smart silicone, right? That has to take some serious time to process? Well, not as long as you might think.

Let’s take a look at the myths and reality about Aquasign’s anti-fouling markers.

We’d like to use Aquasign but we don’t have time…⏰

Operators often assume that Aquasign is a long lead-time item – that it takes too long to process and/or deliver – so it’s not a good fit for their project.

But that’s not actually the case. Adhesive-type Aquasign subsea markers actually boast some of the shortest lead-times in the market.


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So what’s the lead-time for an Aquasign?

Whereas painted water-jet or flame-cut nameplates typically take approximately four to six weeks to deliver (due to the time and labour-intensive coating process), the typical lead time on adhesive type subsea markers is as little as 2 days.

Here at AQUASIGN, we are results driven and work to internal KPIs to make sure our smart silicone markers get to you in line with your project timescales.

AQUASIGN’s 24-hour turnaround

Our anti-fouling markers are made from moulded silicone and need a 24-hour curing period. To, therefore, complete the manufacture, QC and dispatch process in 2 days, we cannot rest on our laurels when it comes to response times.

That’s why we have internal KPIs in place that specify a 24-hour turnaround on every standard design, quotation and contract review.

quote text from NOV Denmark, which text on black background with underwater image behind

And how about customised Aquasigns?

As you might already know, we can supply bespoke designed Aquasigns, with custom mechanical fixings, with rigid or flexible backing.

These adapted Aquasigns take longer than the standard adhesive markers: we place them in an incubator for 10 days to fully cure before we bond them in-house.

Your typical lead-time on an Aquasign with custom mechanical fixings? Around 12-15 days.

How long does it take to transport Aquasign? ✈️

Aquasign is used by operators all over the world, from Canada to Australia. Where time’s no issue, our markers can be transported by sea freight.

But what happens when your asset’s ready and waiting and you need a subsea marker quickly?

Well, Aquasign and our adhesive system Biohesive 225 are completely non-toxic, which means it’s easy to air-freight globally. There are no travel restrictions on silicone, and we can arrange priority delivery for you from here.

That quick turnaround really is do-able!

So remember…

Skipped to the end or just need a little recap? Here are the key points we want you to know:

✅ 2-day lead-time: Aquasign standard adhesive markers
12-15-day lead-time: Aquasigns with custom mechanical fixings
Four – six weeks lead-time: traditional painted plate markers * (depending on coating specification)

Guarantee the quickest lead-time by talking to us about your project. We’re happy to discuss designs and fixings in advance to speed up the process.

And because Aquasign is non-toxic, priority air freight IS an option – wherever you are in the world.

We’ll leave the last word to one of our happy customers in Australia:

screenshot of quote from Ichthys Australia


Contact us today to find out if Aquasign is right for your project.

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