Custom subsea markers: not a problem at AQUASIGN

Looking for something different to your standard subsea markers?

When you think of Aquasign (and we know you do!), the first thing that will pop into your head will be our little black-and-yellow square signs. But did you also know that Aquasign is available in a range of specifications?

There’s a lot more to our subsea marker than first meets the eye, so let’s take a look at some of the common custom specifications available.

😍 The subsea marker you know and love

OK, ‘love’ is probably a bit too strong. But you know what we mean. Aquasign ID markers are a known quantity: small, square, rounded edges, 3mm thickness, yellow background, black text.

For most subsea applications, these markers are ideal. Stick them all over your asset, and you’ve got a clear indicator for divers and ROVs alike, that they’re in the right place, looking at the right bit of equipment.


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Custom subsea markers

There’s not much we can’t do with a subsea marker – within reasonable bounds, of course.

If you’re looking for something in brushed velvet, you’re going to be disappointed. But as long as we stick to our patented, anti-fouling smart silicone, there’s plenty of scope for customisation:

🌈 Colour

We use black text on a yellow background because it’s the most effective contrast pairing for underwater use.

But that’s not to say it’s your only option: we can use a wide variety of colours to emphasise different areas on your asset, such as ROV panels or coloured strips for pipe differentiation.

✴️ Shape

Our standard specification markers are prepared – in part – using moulds. But, we also use digital precision CNC cutting technology, which means we can create any shape to suit your particular specification.

Custom subsea markers not a problem at AQUASIGN - quote image SQ

↗️ Size

Typically, we form Aquasign in 1m2 moulds – that’s for our standard specification markers. Our largest mould is 1 x 2.5m, which means that the largest single-piece marker we can produce is to those measurements.

But, that’s not actually important. Why? Because we can produce multiple pieces and pre-bond them to a backing panel for you, effectively creating a one-piece product. And there’s no limit to the final size, either.

🔧 Fixings

While we’re at it, we might as well talk about mechanical fixings. Our standard specification ID markers come with our KISS self-adhesive solution – and we’ve also got a range of other adhesives suited to practically every substrate, shape and application.

Sometimes, though, a mechanical fixing is a better fit for your project. Maybe you’re retrofitting the signage using an ROV, or perhaps you need to fit the sign around a curved or uneven surface.

Whatever your project specification, we can supply fixings to suit – and they’re all covered by our 60-year performance guarantee.

Want to explore our various subsea marker fixing options?

Got a subsea signage challenge?

Here at AQUASIGN, a large part of our job is to make your life as easy as possible. After all, if it’s effortless to use Aquasign for your subsea applications, why would you go anywhere else?

We know that there’s always a new challenge around the corner, especially as technology advances. We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that Aquasign is always up to the task, whether that’s testing our markers for deepwater performance or developing industrial-strength rare earth magnet fixings.

Our custom subsea markers should work perfectly for your application, and our team will work with you to make sure that’s the case.

Contact us directly today to find out how our bespoke ID solutions can benefit your project – and remember: we do love a challenge!


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