Your Oilfield Project: Sealed With a KISS®

It’s Valentine’s month and here at AQUASIGN we’re taking the opportunity to highlight how our KISS® system can be of excellent value for your next offshore project.  Read more about KISS® used on Aquasign® markers on our product page.

KISS® – the Keep It Simple Seal is a patented subsea fixing which offers the ease of a self-adhesive layer, which is guaranteed to perform subsea through the protection of a Biohesive® 225 Seal to produce a lifelong bond; the perfect partnership.

The KISS® system is the ideal Valentine partner – why?


  1. You will love how easy KISS® is to install 

No mixing, no worries about using enough adhesive – KISS® is as simple as Peal, Stick and Seal. The time taken to install is significantly reduced as there is no need to apply adhesive to the substrates – only a seal of Biohesive®225 is needed around the edge. Biohesive®225 is our single component RTV hero offshore glue and sealant – read more about why Biohesive®225 can provide you with value for money.

The KISS® system also requires minimal PPE – only safety glasses and gloves. Watch our short video visualising how easy KISS® is to install.

A Quick Fixing Guide, template ITP’s and other KISS® installation resources are available in our Knowledge Hub: our Knowledge Hub is a resource bank of documents and guides to help you use our products. Our Quick Fixing Guide is a brief and visual guide with bulleted hints and tips for the best installation. Register for our Knowledge Hub with two clicks.

The KISS® self-adhesive markers supplied met the requirements of the project and were very easy to install.

Purchasing Manager, USA: Vashishta Project, India.


  1. KISS® is the ultimate commitment that doesn’t compromise on performance

Our KISS® system comes with a 60year performance guarantee based on extensive 3rd party testing to simulate its performance for long term subsea use. Tests include aggressive immersion, vibration, slam loading and pressure to name a few.

Register to our Client Portal to read test reports which mimic real life offshore conditions, and quantify why KISS® is the subsea marker of choice for many companies in the industry.


  1. Open to new experiences – KISS® enjoys variety

Our KISS® system is very broad ranging and can be used on steel, plastics, rubber and even concrete. Our Substrate Guide is in our Knowledge Hub which requires a one-time registration, and means you can access this document any many other resources. Sign up now.

The KISS® system provides a robust fixing solution for all type of oilfield signage from small valve decals and certification plates to platform identification markings. Learn more from our application pages.


  1. Loves to travel – KISS®’s global track record

Our KISS® system has been used on subsea projects all over the world and has stood up to an environmental testing program, which put it through its paces with temperature fluctuations of -10 to +50 degrees with the addition of salt spray testing thrown in for good measure.

Register to our Client Portal to view our full track record.


  1. KISS® appreciates your time – ready for immediate deployment

As part of our Aggressive Immersion test program – further details are available from our Client Portal – the KISS® system was tested on how quickly it could be immersed in salt water after being installed. If time is critical in your offshore project then you can relax, equipment affixed with our KISS® system can be deployed subsea within minutes. Isn’t that a relief? KISS®…the perfect partner everyday NOT just for Valentines.


Our KISS® system can save you money, time and offers a simple yet long term subsea approved fixing method for a variety of materials.  Keep the bond simple with KISS®.

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