Why use Aquasign® Subsea Markers?

Aquasign® is not only the name of our organisation, it is also the name of our anti-fouling subsea marking system.  Aquasign® is a non-toxic subsea labelling solution that guarantees performance for 60 years and is used to offer high-visibility of subsea assets throughout a project’s lifespan.

As market leaders, our subsea markers have often been used as a template to define the minimum acceptable criteria for anti-fouling underwater signage and in this article, we explore the anti – fouling properties of our subsea markers and the other key benefits of specifying them.

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Marine growth has huge commercial significance in the subsea industry, risks can be posed during intervention and maintenance if vital asset identification markings have become obscured. A highly-visible underwater marking system is therefore essential to ensure quick location of equipment and to minimise the length of time underwater during these


operations.  Visibility however is not guaranteed on account of the marine growth, particularly on projects with long lifespans. To access our full geographical fouling reports, register for our client portal.

Aquasign® subsea markers were designed to mimic the natural technology of fish skin, incorporating proprietary oils that bleed to the subsea

marker’s surface. This self-renewing oil ensure an extremely slippery surface at all times, thus preventing fouling from occurring and allowing us to offer a guarantee that our markers will be visible for a minimum of 60 years.


Due to this unique anti-fouling technology there are no equivalents in the market, and our Registered Design protects our brand.  This ensures our customers can identify a quality, fit for purpose product, with pre qualification data and an extensive global track record to verify its performance.


Flexible Design

Our standard Aquasign® design is rectangular with curved corners to assist in the application of the sealing bead.  However, all markers are precision cut which allows us to offer a variety of shapes effortlessly.

ROV panels increase the anti-fouling surface area and can offer reduced installation times in locations with multiple markings. Our marker range includes complete ROV panels.

Our largest mould used to manufacture Aquasign® markers is 2450mm wide and 990mm high. Although this is the maximum size of a single marker we can manufacture multiple components with pre-defined cut lines.

Aquasign® is manufactured to a minimum thickness of 3mm, offering a 60-year anti-fouling performance guarantee.



Our standard colour specification of Aquasign® underwater markers is Solis®, a UV-Stable subsea marker range. Historically our markers had been manufactured using florescent dyes but in time these markers would fade when exposed to direct sunlight and a new solution was required.  Following the completion of successful research and development, our Solis® specification was introduced.  This specification includes Signal Yellow dyes and testing showed that the dyes used for Solis® do not fade when exposed to UV rays.  This is now our standard colour specification for Aquasign®.


Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional anti-fouling methods that are designed to kill attaching marine life, our exuding silicone based Aquasign® markers have unique technology that does not use toxic biocides or metallic compounds. The proprietary oils that release from the marker’s surface are completely non-toxic, thus having no impact on the marine habitat.

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