Which Fixing Material Do I Need?

AQUASIGN have developed a range of fixing solutions to ensure our anti-fouling markers are suitable for all applications – adhesive, mechanical and retrofit.  In this article we explore the benefits of each application type and the most optimal solutions for different types of subsea assets.

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KISS® is our patented (GB2994979 & US9,305,469) standard fixing specification of Aquasign® subsea markers, offering a simplified PEEL, STICK & SEAL installation process with a self- adhesive label.  Watch our installation video to find out more.



The KISS® range is a two-part adhesive system; a self-adhesive tape combined with our high-performance sealant Biohesive® 225.  Biohesive® 225 is an essential component in the KISS® installation process, as it creates a water-tight seal around the marker edge. Omission of this step can significantly affect long- term performance, as the tare strength of the KISS® tape on its own is relatively low.

AQUASIGN offer alternative standard adhesive solutions to ensure our markers are suitable for all applications.  The most suitable adhesive for your project will depend on the application and substrate.  To read our substrate guide please register for our client portal.



ShieldTM is our patented (GB2476523 / EP1019046.8 / 232578 / NO-EP2325784) standard mechanical fixing solution that provides enhanced damage tolerance for Aquasign® underwater markers.  The ShieldTM fixing offers additional protection from potential damage such as ROV and diver intervention by encasing the Aquasign® marker into a recessed polycarbonate frame.

The polycarbonate frames are manufactured in-house, customizable to our client’s requirements – including shape, size and the preferred fixing method.

For more information, watch our installation video.




Aquasign® underwater identification markers are typically installed onto equipment prior to deployment to ease the installation process and limit costs.  However topside installation is not always an option, for example to replace incorrectly installed, damaged or omitted markings. Therefore, AQUASIGN has developed retrofit fixing solutions designed for underwater installation.

All our retrofit solutions are custom designed depending on the project requirements i.e. ROV tooling, therefore we recommend contacting us to discuss the application in more detail.

For more information on which fixing is most optimal for your needs please register for our client portal or contact our team.





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