What is Aquasign made of (and why does that matter)?

Every brand wants to believe the product they’re selling is unique, different and unrivaled by its competitors. At least, that’s what they want you – the customer – to believe.

Here at AQUASIGN, we’re able to put our money where our mouth is. 

Aquasign subsea marker systems are completely unique and we’re happy to tell you why.

Let’s look at what Aquasign is made of and why that’s so important.

What is Aquasign actually made of?

Aquasign anti-fouling markers are moulded from a non-toxic-oil-exuding silicone.

Uh… how about a little more detail?

Sure. Like we say, AQUASIGN is made from a particular kind of silicone that exudes a completely non-toxic oil.

The inspiration for Aquasign comes from fish skin, which does much the same thing.

Our oil-exuding silicone prevents bio-fouling on the subsea markers we produce, which means that the signage remains clearly visible, even after years of being underwater.


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Don’t other subsea markers do that?

Weirdly, no. Cleaning subsea signage is:

  • Tricky
  • Time-consuming
  • Expensive
  • A complete pain

And yet, other solutions don’t offer benefits like ours. Don’t ask us why. We enjoy standing apart from the competition, though.

How does the anti-fouling thing work? 🧐

The key to Aquasign’s success lies in the unique surface properties of the silicone we use, and our carefully developed manufacturing process.

The marker face is hydrophobic, with a surface energy that prevents even the smallest amount of marine growth from adhering to it. And the oil that Aquasign secretes (completely non-toxic, remember) constantly renews that hydrophobic surface, doubling up on the silicone’s inherent anti-fouling properties.

Our manufacturing process, refined over years, ensures that the marker face achieves the critical surface tension needed to maximise Aquasign’s hydrophobic properties.

In theory, the combination of product properties and manufacturing methods give Aquasign an infinite lifespan.


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Is Aquasign the only anti-fouling subsea marker of its kind?

Yes. Aquasign is a completely unique product in the subsea signage arena. Three key reasons for that are:

Guaranteed anti-fouling performance 🏆

Aquasign is guaranteed to perform. There’s zero risk: our 3mm (standard thickness) subsea markers are guaranteed for up to 60 years for both its anti-fouling performance and adhesion to your structure.

Simply put: we promise you that Aquasign will stay in place and do the job for as long as you need it.

Pre-qualification testing

A whole lot of research, development and testing time has gone into Aquasign. Our performance guarantee is based on original R&D work by Shell.

Pre-qualification is vital for any product in the oil and gas industry. Your equipment needs to last for the duration of your project, so your identity markers need to keep up.

Our subsea signage is tested on a variety of factors to ensure it can withstand deployment and long-term submersion in a variety of environments. These include damage tolerance, impact resistance, pressure, jet-washing and salt spray resistance.


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Over 30 years’ of success

We’ve got a global track record of over 800 projects in more than 30 years.

Aquasign has been tried and tested in every condition imaginable: from shallow to ultra-deepwater and installed in hot, humid locations in Asia, to the depths of winter off the coast of Sakhalin.

And what about your customers? Do they agree?

33 years and more than 800 successful projects later, we think AQUASIGN customers are pretty happy with the way our subsea markers perform.

But, it’s always nice to hear things direct from the (sea)horse’s mouth. Here are just a few of our happy customers’ comments:

“The most important key features to this project were the AQUASIGN guarantee, the range of fixing methods and the environmentally friendly properties of the technology. I would recommend AQUASIGN as a partner for future projects.” – Project manager, Italy


“I believe Aquasign’s key features benefitted our project. I would recommend them as a partner in future.” – Buyer, Gulf of Mexico


“Since I’ve started purchasing from AQUASIGN I haven’t had one issue. We’ve been satisfied with the products we’ve purchased and will continue to use AQUASIGN in the future.” – Product manager, USA

So there we have it

That’s what Aquasign is made of, why that matters and how that can benefit your next project. Our guaranteed anti-fouling markers are:

  • High-performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective

No need to clean or reapply – just fix it, leave it and let this smart silicone signage do its job.

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