Its Here: Our Harsh Environment Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Biohesive® 225 is our hero oilfield adhesive which can be used on a wide variety of substrates. 

The diversity of equipment utilised in the oil and gas industry means that there is a requirement for fixing, bonding and sealing, resulting in a huge number of adhesive options available. Some of which are being selected without test data, or manufacturers recommendations.  This can result in a requirement to stock a multitude of products each only used for a specific application.  Cue various qualification programs, risk and COSSH assessments for each material…

Biohesive® 225 may just be the answer to reduce this due to its versatility and compatibility with a wide variety of substrates.

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Our offshore glue has an extensive track record for both sealing and bonding a variety of materials such as

  • Steel
  • Plastics
  • Silicone
  • Concrete


Download our Substrate Guide from our Knowledge Hub to see the full range of materials Biohesive® 225 is compatible with.

Whether on a flat or tubular surface, this adhesive is the best ‘all-rounder’ for many uses throughout the life of an offshore project.

The Best Oilfield Adhesive For: Multi-use

Biohesive® 225 is a clear single component multipurpose RTV silicone adhesive and sealant that will help make any fixing process simple and efficient. This offshore glue is no one trick pony and can withstand harsh environments.

Oilfield Sealing

Biohesive® 225 can be used to seal or repair a variety of materials – download our Substrate Guide for more details.  With no mixing requirement, this material can create a watertight seal within minutes.

Oilfield Gluing

You can learn how easy Biohesive® 225 is to use by reading our infographic or watching our video.

Biohesive® 225 offers excellent bond strength for both topside and subsea equipment.  We have subjected the material to extensive testing to qualify its performance for the oil and gas industry.

If you would like to learn more about our third-party testing, register to our Client Portal.


Why Biohesive® 225 is the only oilfield adhesive you need

  • Material compatibility
  • Single component – no mixing
  • Limited surface preparation
  • Temperature resistance
  • Non-hazardous

This is only five of 10 reasons’ – read our full blog showcasing the 10 best things about Biohesive® 225.

If you are looking for an adhesive for your next project, Biohesive® 225 is likely to be your answer: its material versatility, multi-use options and quick application present it as the glue which will hold your oilfield project together.

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