Aquasign Pricing: How much does Aquasign cost?

How much does Aquasign® cost?

No matter which way you look at it, the cost – and the overall value – of a product is always going to be a big factor on whether it’s right for your project or not.

Here at AQUASIGN, we like giving straight answers where we can. So while cost is always a tricky topic, we’re using this article to talk you through what you can expect to pay for your Aquasign®.

“Why is Aquasign expensive?”

It’s not our favourite question but it’s one we’re sometimes asked. And we want to give you the answers you need so you can make the right decision for your business.

So does Aquasign cost more than other marking methods? Sometimes but not always. It really depends on your expectations.


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Cost vs Value

Aquasign is costed to help us fund extensive, ongoing research and development, plus the testing that allows us to guarantee our anti-fouling markers for the duration of your project.

And when we’re asked about the price of our anti-fouling markers, there are two points we usually make. First, performance and second, the long-term value that brings.

Aquasign uses unique anti-fouling technology.

It secretes a proprietary oil that prevents marine growth from adhering to, and obscuring, its surface. And this anti-fouling property is guaranteed to perform for 60 years in any subsea environment.

In addition, our subsea signage is:

  • Environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic
  • Technically qualified
  • RFID compatible

And the value?

Operators can re-coup the initial cost of an Aquasign from the first inspection, identifying the correct equipment quickly and easily, and with zero cleaning.

Add this up over the entire project duration, and you’re looking at considerable cost savings — particularly on large assets with numerous inspection points.


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Alternatives to Aquasign: putting a price on safety?

We’re often asked about the alternatives to Aquasign. And yes: there are a number of cheaper products, including plastic and vinyl signage.

While the initial outlay on these markers is lower, it’s worth considering the pros and cons over your project lifespan.

Plastic and vinyl markers are cheap and non-toxic. However, they can become fouled in a very short space of time, particularly in shallow water projects.

This leaves you with two choices: pay to clean them before you can carry out inspections, or risk identifying the wrong equipment — a health and safety risk, as well as a legal one.

Quote image: Operators can re-coup the initial cost of an Aquasign from the first inspection, identifying the correct equipment quickly and easily and with zero cleaning

Work with us for low costs and maximum value

We want your business — of course we do. And we’ll do what we can to help make Aquasign as affordable as possible for your project.

Here’s a few simple ways to mitigate the initial cost of Aquasign:

  • Discuss your project requirements with us: we can often identify saving opportunities in achieving manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Specify Aquasign at the earliest stage of your project proposal, detailing the benefits to the end-user so they expect – and absorb – the cost.
  • Tell us about your products: we can standardise parts of the manufacturing process for repeat customers, improving efficiencies and maximising your budget.

The short version

Aquasign appears to cost more than a lot of the alternatives because it does things they don’t.

Our unique anti-fouling technology saves you money on cleaning and helps you avoid costly – and dangerous – mistakes at inspection time.

Aquasign is guaranteed to stay in place — and visible — for 60 years on any kind of substrate.

We make all our signs bespoke to your requirements, and we can work with you to keep the price as low as possible. We can’t give you an exact figure because we cost each project individually.

But if you contact us, we’re more than happy to quote you 📩


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