Achieve Huge Savings By Switching To Biohesive® 225

Money saving strategies have always been prevalent for any oilfield project, and never more so than in the current market climate.

AQUASIGN pride ourselves on being market ready with our products, and while developing our one part, silicone offshore adhesive – Biohesive® 225 – money saving and multiuse were two criteria at the top of our wish list.

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So how does Biohesive® 225 save you money? Let’s look at some figures when comparing against a typical alternative offshore adhesive:


  • Cost saving: Biohesive® 225 has a 59% cost saving


  • Temperature range: Biohesive® 225 has a 200% broader temperature span so can be used on far more applications


  • Usage: Biohesive® 225 provides 20 times more applications which can result in a 98% saving as described in more detail below in our Waste Reduction Case Study


Impressive performance statistics, aren’t they? So, let’s take a look at some of the ways our oilfield adhesive can benefit your next oilfield project.



Biohesive® 225 is a single component oilfield approved glue. It doesn’t require any mixing, unlike the conventional oilfield polyurethane or epoxy counterparts. This makes it quick and easy to use – in fact, we even have a Biohesive® 225 Quick Fixing Guide which you can obtain from our Knowledge Hub.



Biohesive® 225 can be used on many different materials that the offshore industry demands. We have written a blog about how compatible Biohesive® 225 is, why not give it a read? You will find out that as an offshore sealant or backing glue, this RTV silicone can be the solution for a wide range of your needs.


Resealable – Use Cycle

Biohesive® 225 boasts up to a 24-month shelf life. This is considerably longer than conventional oilfield adhesives.

Biohesive® 225 can be re-used: following application, the tip of the cartridge will automatically cure and seal the remainder of the material against atmospheric moisture. This significantly reduces waste, particularly on small applications.

Most oilfield adhesives must be mixed in their entirety and usually have a limited pot life of 40 minutes – or less – dependant on environmental conditions.  Once mixed, they must be used up, meaning the cycle stops prematurely with disposal. Our RTV silicone adhesive Biohesive® 225 has proven life cycle that continues up to 20 times longer!

If you would like to find out more about our oilfield adhesives range, please visit our oilfield adhesives section.

Waste Reduction  – Customer Case Study

The re-use cycle of Biohesive® 225 can go on and on with no time limit, a valve fabricator was able to install 250 valve markers before the adhesive cartridge was empty.

That’s a lot of valve markings, especially compared to the practicality of using the incumbent polyurethane adhesive within a 40 minute pot life…all before it becomes ineffective. What if the polyurethane glue is being used on equipment which isn’t close by? Or if manufacture is staggered? 40 minutes can go in a flash, especially when navigating around the large equipment in the oilfield.

Based on this feedback, your project savings could be £1660 when using Biohesive® 225– a massive 98.3% reduction in adhesive cost.


To Recap…If you aren’t already using Biohesive® 225, you are missing out on the value, cost and time savings that our one part offshore glue can give you. The amount of money saved is a quick win for any offshore project looking to reduce costs.

Biohesive® 225 isn’t just a money saver – we talk 10 reasons why this is the ideal offshore adhesive in our recent blog.

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