5 Reason’s To Choose Biohesive®225 In The Harshest Offshore Conditions

Oil and gas companies know all too well the harsh conditions that exist offshore: high pressured equipment, unfriendly salt laden waters and powerful waves are just a few. Various pieces of subsea equipment are also designed to cope with high temperatures – from -65 to +300 degrees – this broad temperature range means it can be difficult to source a reliable adhesive.

AQUASIGN have developed a two-in-one offshore sealant and glue that was made specifically for use in offshore environments. Biohesive®225 is the most versatile offshore adhesive on the market, but why should you trust it for your next offshore project? Contact us to find out more.

Our hero oilfield adhesive looks inconspicuous, but this clear, RTV silicone takes what the oilfield throws at it in its stride.

  1. Global Track Record

Biohesive®225 has been used to bond and seal our subsea markers as well as a wide variety of other materials, both topside or deployed underwater. It’s been used in every corner of the world from Saudi Arabia to Sakhalin: due to this adhesive’s wide temperature range (-65 to +300 degrees) and resistance to humidity, it’s become the ‘go to’ for maintenance and repair offshore, with some companies stocking up with purchases of 200+ cartridges per order. View our Track Record in our Client Portal.

  1. Aggressive Immersion

AQUASIGN utilise a severe accelerated immersion test to qualify our products by benchmarking their performance to ensure they are fit for purpose over the project life span. Full details of testing program can be seen after a one-time registration to our Client Portal

  1. Easy Application – Minimal PPE 

In harsh environments, the need for a quick and easy to use adhesive is essential to reduce operational times. Biohesive®225 is a single component material so there is no mixing requirement, and it can be applied to any surface using a standard caulking gun. Watch our short Biohesive®225 installation video.

  1. Quick Cure for Immediate Deployment

Time is often critical in offshore operations. The fast cure obtained from Biohesive®225 means the bond or seal is effective in minutes and can be exposed, or even deployed subsea immediately. Read more about Biohesive®225 on our product page.

  1. Test Reports

Biohesive®225 has gone through extensive testing to position itself as the best offshore adhesive. While we have touched on its ability to withstand aggressive immersion, we also have 3rd party test reports on our adhesives strength during pressure, vibration and slam loading trials. Biohesive®225 is also one of the most environmentally friendly adhesives out there, qualified for use in the most regulated of waters through toxicity tests. We have dedicated pages and access to each individual report available in our Client Portal.

There are more reasons than just these five – why not read our 10 reasons blog to find out what other things make Biohesive®225 the ultimate offshore ‘fixer upper’?

More information about our oilfield adhesives can be found in our adhesive section on our website. By visiting this section, you can find documents for further reading after signing up to our resourceful Client Portal.

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