How to Use Biohesive 225® – 10 Steps

Biohesive 225® is our hero offshore adhesive. Alongside creating useful, industry leading products, we like to make sure that installing our products is very simple.

Biohesive 225® provides a long-term bonding solution for a wide a variety of substrates.  One of our key focuses and drivers is ease of installation. So, what have we got for you? Last month we published a blog with ten reasons outlining why this is the best offshore adhesive, this month we wanted to show how easy it is to use.

See below our ten-step infographic showing the PPE, equipment and ten simple steps it takes to use Biohesive 225® as a backing glue. Step ten, the sealing bead, is also a step used for our self-adhesive KISS® markers. What’s more, after these steps are complete, the cartridge of Biohesive 225® can be re-sealed and the ten steps can be repeated in a cycle.

If you want to read on, and find out about the surfaces Biohesive 225® can be used on, sign up and look for our quick and easy Substrate Guide in our Knowledge Hub.


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