Short Lead Times Guaranteed

With current market conditions, we are all under pressure to meet tighter demands. AQUASIGN is a partner you can rely on; offering our responsive service to deliver all forms of oilfield signage within your project timescales, without sacrificing quality!

Our core business Aquasign® is a silicone anti-fouling marking system, that utilises unique oil-exuding technology with a range of adhesive, mechanical and retrofit fixing solutions available! Our standard subsea marker specification is KISS® self-adhesive labels, which can be manufactured in as little as 2 working days to meet tight project deadlines.

Our internal manufacturing facility also includes CNC Milling and Waterjet Abrasive Cutting equipment, which are used to produce Aquaplates – our range of cut-out letter plates and ROV panels that can be coated to your requirements. This range is an alternative to flame-cut nameplates, offering fast turnarounds and improved quality with no risk of heat damage or tarnishing.

In addition to our Aquasign® and Aquaplates range, we also have the capabilities to produce a wide range of fully customised identification tags, safety labels and certification nameplates. The processes used include injection moulding, chemical etch, rotary engrave, screen and digital print – all offering competitive pricing and short lead times.

Review our E-Brochure to find out more about our capabilities. Alternatively, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail, simply contact us today on +44 1224 897060 or

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