High-Performance Offshore Adhesives

AQUASIGN is known for our unique anti-fouling subsea markers, designed to enhance safety and reduce operational costs by offering a guaranteed highly-visible equipment Identification solution. But did you know we also offer a range of high-performance structural adhesives that are specially formulated for the harsh environments expected in the offshore industry? Suitable for both topside and subsea!

Industry approved offshore adhesives that offer environmental, economic and performance advantages over traditional welding, is becoming increasingly popular.

During design, fabrication and modification of offshore equipment, there are a number of structural joining tasks that in some cases mechanical methods of bonding are not suitable; material combination, thickness of substrates, aesthetic reasons or to avoid tarnishing of the equipment’s surface. However, finding a industrial adhesive that meets demanding offshore standards can prove difficult.

Our non-toxic adhesives offer excellent mechanical strength, temperature resistance, long-term performance and are economically viable to replace traditional mechanical solutions. The adhesives are a proven fixing solution with our Aquasign® subsea markers, boasting a worldwide track record and 60 year guarantee based on vigorous third-party testing.

We have two options;

Biohesive® 225

Biohesive® 225 is a silicone RTV adhesive that can be used in geographical locations with high temperatures and humidity making it ideal for sea-water resistant bonding and corrosion protection.

Supplied as a single component in 310ml cartridges, the application process is very straight-forward relying on the atmospheric moisture to cure and utilising a standard caulking gun. Biohesive® has shown excellent resistance to natural ageing including exposure to UV, weathering and salt mist.

AquahesiveTM 5836

AquahesiveTM 5836 is our two component polyurethane adhesive, designed for structural bonding.

Supplied with a curative in a ready to mix form, it is a tough robust material that boasts excellent physical and chemical properties. Dependent on ambient conditions, it has a long pot life making it ideal for bonding large or multiple components within short timescales. AquahesiveTM is suitable for use over a wide temperature range and relative humidity, and has shown excellent resistant to seawater in ageing trials.

AquahesiveTM 5836 also has a track record of being used as an underwater glue, mixed topside and applied by a diver in shallow waters to for retrofit subsea bonding or to create a water-tight seal.


More Information?

Further details, including images and Datasheets for both our Adhesives are available to Download from our Client Portal – simply register today by clicking here and visit our Download Area.

Alternatively, if you want to discuss your project in more detail, contact our Sales Team at solutions@aquasign.com.

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