Sealed With a KISS

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have the perfect KISS for you!

No, we’re not being cheeky… just another clever innovation from AQUASIGN…


KISS® is our revolutionary self-adhesive fixing method for Aquasign® subsea markers.

Designed in response to our customer feedback, this fixing method is the answer to asset identification. The installation process could not be simpler and it has guaranteed performance of up to 60 years!

By choosing KISS® you will save up to 75% of time spent during installation, and a further 90% on adhesive materials. All you have to do is PEEL, STICK & SEAL – yes, it is that easy!

What’s more our solvent-free adhesive tape has been vigorously tested including Pressure, Vibration, Slam Loading and operates over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 110°C).

To review more information on the KISS® range and download full testing reports and datasheets, register to the AQUASIGN Client Portal today!

So seal it with a KISS®!

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