Don’t put a Price on Safety

As a result of the declining oil price, companies worldwide are under severe pressure to engage in strict cost saving measures to survive. However, in this industry reducing costs without sacrificing workplace safety proves to be a challenge.

Oilfield safety is an utmost priority, and despite the economic downturn a secure working environment should always take precedent. Marine growth has huge commercial significance in the industry, and can pose risks for divers if vital asset identification becomes obscured. A highly-visible underwater marking system is essential to ensure quick location of equipment and to minimise the length of time underwater during intervention.

Therefore, when selecting an underwater marker for a project’s assets, it is important to ensure the product is fit for purpose. As soon as equipment is deployed subsea, marine growth will begin to attach. Therefore, without a proven anti-fouling solution, the risk of longer inspections, maintenance and repair times have to be considered.

AQUASIGN are the leading provider of subsea identification, offering a non-toxic solution that guarantees performance for a minimum of 30 years – throughout any project lifespan. The unique anti-fouling technology was designed to mimic fish skin, utilising a controlled oil release system and hydrophobic surface to prevent marine-growth attachment at the lowest level.

Aquasign® subsea markers have been extensively tested to ensure long-term performance. The tests conducted include anti-fouling properties, visibility, damage tolerance, toxicity and more. Therefore, by specifying Aquasign® you can guarantee high-visibility for ROV and divers subsea, and assist their quick location of identification, positioning and orientation markings.

Our systems also have a range of fixing solutions available, including our standard specification KISS® – a self-adhesive tape combined with our high-performance sealant Biohesive® 225. Alternatively, mechanical and retrofit solutions are available.

There is no direct alternative to Aquasign® – and to show you that we have developed our new Client Portal to share exclusive technical data with our clients. Register today to review Aquasign® key features, fixing solutions, testing reports, datasheets, installation videos and procedures, track record and much more!

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your project requirements in more detail contact a member of the AQUASIGN team at

Don’t sacrifice safety by cutting costs – specify Aquasign®

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