AQUASIGN Celebrates 30 Years

1985 – The year the first Aquasign® subsea marking system was sold.

Over the next three decades AQUASIGN has become the pioneer of subsea asset identification, a valued partner to the oil & gas industry and shown exceptional growth through continuous product development – a cause for celebration!

AQUASIGN focuses on the design and manufacture of a unique exuding silicone based anti-fouling marker system – originally developed by Brian Shore, a researcher at the Shell Thornton Research Facility. His inspiration for the first version of Aquasign® derived from a closer look at nature, taking an environmentally friendly approach to marine growth prevention;

 “You never see fish covered in marine growth, so we tried to mimic this. Various materials were able to offer the hydrophobic qualities but the clever part was the inclusion of proprietary oils that exude, thus continually renewing the surface therefore significantly increasing the product lifespan”

The Aquasign® design remains unique, however product improvements include UV-Stability (Solis®) that can be combined with a self-adhesive fixing (KISS®) for ease of installation. AQUASIGN has several patents awarded/pending for these developments which have been inspired by our directors Alastair Milne and Emma Learmonth.  Our technology, along with an extensive track record, third-party verification and performance guarantee is what makes the Aquasign® range the premium solution on the market today.

AQUASIGN’s primary value remains:

“Doing the right thing is the cornerstone of our success”

AQUASIGN now offer bespoke underwater identification combined with a range of fixing solutions suitable for all applications, from intricate valve tags and indictors to complete ROV panels or structure identification. The design is completely flexible including colour, shape and size. The latest product innovations to join the portfolio is the new ShieldTM II design for enhanced damage tolerance, as well as our redesigned Spring Clip and subsea Magnet retrofit solutions. RFID and bar codes can also be incorporated into all our products.

Our extensive internal facility has also grown; now housing equipment used to produce a range of oilfield signage including waterjet and milled Aquaplates, rotary and etched nameplates and cost-effective printed solutions.

To celebrate the occasion we unveil our new online brochure, designed to showcase our product capabilities and reflect AQUASIGN company values – Click Here to view.

AQUASIGN continually seek to evolve our products by investing in people and improving processes. We are driven by our core values – Customer Service, Quality, Innovation, and Solutions & Results – and look forward to what the next thirty years will bring!

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