Biohesive 225 is a translucent silicone elastomer that can be used to bond and seal various materials.

Supplied in 310ml caulking cartridges and applied using a manual or air-fed application gun, Biohesive® provides many benefits;

  • Ease of application – no mixing requirement
  • Suitable for use in high temp/humidity geographical locations
  • Re-sealable – significantly reduces waste
  • Adhesion temperature rage of -65 to + 300
  • Non-hazardous for both shipment and use


Biohesive® is guaranteed for offshore and subsea application following extensive third party testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Biohesive can be used in locations with extremely high temperatures and humidity levels – >30°C and 75% + – without any issues.

Yes. Like all our fixing solutions Biohesive has been third party tested to withstand both the pressure and environmental conditions of deep water. 

Biohesive can be applied in environments as cold as 2°C. And once it’s cured, this brilliant adhesive continues to perform at -65°C.

Yes, when installed per our instructions Biohesive is guaranteed to perform for up to 60 years.

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