Retrofit Magnet

Retrofit Magnet

This retrofit solution offers easy installation for both divers and ROVs providing a quick and effective method of rectifying incorrect or missed subsea identification markers.

The Aquasign® subsea marker are supplied encased with our ShieldTM polycarbonate frames, which also houses 40 MGOe permanent rare-earth magnets.

The ShieldTM design is completely customizable and can include handles or anchor points specific to ROV tooling, making it a suitable fixing for all applications, including Deepwater.

The size of rare-earth neodymium magnets stocked is 60x30x15mm, which each have a holding force in excess of 28kg (61 lbs) and a shear force in excess of 17kg. We can use multiple magnet designs to create holding and shear forces in excess of these values. Typical polycarbonate thicknesses available are 8 and 25mm. 

Underwater Magnet Assemblies can also be used for inspection point marking, ensuring monitoring and testing can be done in the same place quickly and efficiently with clear identification.

Magnetic assemblies are excellently suited to hold to coated steel surfaces as well as any other ferromagnetic surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rare-earth magnets are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare-earth elements.  Although the size and strength can be tailored to suite our standard size is 60x30x15mm which offers a holding force of ~ 17kgs (this based on tests of assemblies encased within polycarbonate Shield frames)

Rare earth neodymium magnets are deemed permanent fixtures as they only lose a fraction of performance every 100 years if maintained within their optimum working conditions.

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No, although handles or paddles can be useful to aid ROV installation or re-positioning.  We can design the marker assembly to suit your application and/or ROV tooling needs.

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This is calculated based on the overall size of the marker assembly and the thickness of the substrate you are attaching too.

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