Bolted Fixings


In some applications rigidity is needed over flexibility.  Whether being used to create an even surface or add greater protection – Shield our rigid bolted range can be designed and manufactured bespoke to your project requirements.

Aquasign® identification markers or alternative signage materials can be encased with polycarbonate Shield™ frames or pre-bonded to a range of backing materials such as Nylon, Stainless Steel or ABS. All rigid backing plates are manufactured in-house to our client’s specific requirements, including shape and size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Both flexible and rigid backings are available.  Fixings can be flat or countersunk.

This will vary depending on your specific fittings and application.  Usually this is just by hand, no special tool/torque requirement.

Approx. 10 days.  The lead time is longer than standard adhesive items but improvements are possible if needed.

No, nylon washers are supplied with bolted markers to protect the silicone surface. 

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