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AQUASIGN has worked closely with a number of leading Oilfield RFID / Bar code manufacturers to ensure our product ranges can support these technologies. The benefits of utilising these technologies are:

  • Increase safety
  • Reduce human error
  • Automate inventory
  • Enhance inspection records

AQUASIGN recognise that each customer will select the electronic identification and tracking solution that is most appropriate for their business systems. We have therefore purposely not attempted to promote an individual product or manufacturer preferring to ensure that we can support integrated ATEX certified RFID or bar codes within our products.

The technologies can either be integrated into the Aquasign® marker or it’s fixing accessories e.g. ShieldTM. Both options are fit for purpose and have been tested to ensure that there is no signal interference to readers. Our products have been pressure tested to 10,000 psi with no damage to either the Aquasign® or its accessories – view testing reports from our Technical section or register for our client portal.

Whether your preferred solution is a Smartmark™, iTag™, Diamond RFID tag or one of the other leading brands – AQUASIGN can support your choice.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail,  contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.


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